Natural ways to improve your breathing

By: Chioma Umeha

Do you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, COPD, lung cancer, emphysema or sleep apnea? There are ways to improve your breathing from experts. When drawing a breath is a challenge, the pulmonary, there is timely information, new research findings from specialists to help you cope with your condition. In this piece, you will discover exciting advances and the most useful, current information to help you prevent or treat conditions affecting your lungs. You also will learn how to prevent these diseases and, when symptoms arise, the best ways for you to work with your doctor to diagnose and treat them. 

Use a humidifier in your bedroom, or place a pan of water by your bed. 

Pan of Water
 Purchase (zip-up) pillow cases that are designed to keep tiny dust mites and bed bugs from causing you problems. 

Keep lots of clean-air plants in your home. 

Breathe through your nose as nose hairs filter air and do so before it enters the body. Breathing through the mouth means that this filtration has to occur in the lungs. 

Vacuum daily: Using your vacuum cleaner daily will help rid your home of dust mites, and will help clean up pet dandruff and fur, if you have pets.  You can try using a dust mask to keep your allergies from acting up and causing poor breathing. 

Wear a facial mask while using strong household cleaning products. These may cause breathing problems. Use antibacterial wipes on computer keyboards, door knobs, etc., especially if you have a sick family member; colds can lead to serious problems. 

Spray perfume below the face and neck area, as far away from your face as you can get. 

Watch out for people that are burning things in the neighbourhood that may possibly contain some type of dangerous chemical; just the smoke alone isn’t good for you.  Keeping your car tuned up; this will help to keep you breathing right.

 This story was published in Daily Newswatch on May 25, 2013.


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