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Mothers Tackle Child Malnutrition With Exclusive Breastfeeding

By Chioma Umeha One can easily tell the source of happiness of Igbe Assumpta, a 26-year-old mother seeing her bond with her baby as she cuddled him. The Enugu state-born nursing mother and student believes that exclusive breastfeeding provides every nutritional value her child needs for proper growth. The World Health Organisation (WHO) explains, “Exclusive breastfeeding means that the infant receives only breast milk. No other liquids or solids are given – not even water – with the exception of oral rehydration solution, or drops/syrups of vitamins, minerals or medicines.” In an interview with INDEPENDENT, Assumpta said, “Exclusive breastfeeding boosts my baby’s intelligent quotient, as she is very sharp. Even my friends who are not doing exclusive breastfeeding used to tell me that my baby is very sharp. My baby is strong and healthy. “Since I gave birth to her, I haven’t taken her to the hospital. It saves me money. My baby is five months and two weeks a