Thursday, 2 June 2022

Bayelsa and Rivers State Teams Wins the Equatorial Conference of the 22nd Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championships

Olutayo Olatunji РCategory Manager Beverages at Nestlé Nigeria PLC addressing participants at the Equatorial Conference of the 22nd Milo Basketball Championship held recently at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu.


Bayelsa and Rivers state teams awed Enugu, by winning the Equatorial Conference of the 22nd Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championships in the ladies and boys categories, respectively. 

In a one-sided contest, St. Jude's Girls Secondary School in Amarata, Bayelsa State won Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School in Azu-Ebonyi, Ebonyi State 43-6.

The boys from King Amachree Academy, Port Harcourt, Rivers, defeated their opponents from Bishop Dimieari Grammar School, Obom, Bayelsa, 30-20 in a nail-biting match, as shown in a Nestle Nigeria Plc release. 

Mr Olutayo Olatunji, Category Manager for Beverages, Nestlé Nigeria, remarked at the end of the third of four series conferences held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu: "We are glad that the MILO Secondary Schools Basketball Championships is returned following a pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic."

"At MILO, we recognize that sports provide an avenue for teaching children tenacity and instilling values on their path to life achievement. This is why, since 1999, we have supported the MILO Secondary Schools Basketball Championships in Nigeria.

The Lone Candidate for the Governorship of Abia State and For The Youth Party (YP), Ada - Ugo Abia, was Elected on Tuesday


Mrs. Oluchi V. Bradford Ogwo, the lone candidate for the Governorship of Abia State and for the Youth Party (YP), Ada - Ugo Abia, was elected Tuesday by the teeming Abia youths and women to fly the party's flag and compete for the position of Governor of Abia State in the 2023 General Election.

She received the flag, a symbol of the Youth Party in Abia State, after winning the Primary election with 287 votes. In her acceptance speech, Ada - Ugo Abia congratulated the delegates who voted for her to be elected as the Youth Party's Governorship Candidate in the 2023 general election. 

She reminded Abia State residents that now is the moment to bring good change to the state's politics by electing a competent woman who understands what it takes to manage the state as Abia Governor in 2023.

Ada - Ugo Abia pledged to send our youths abroad to study new skills and then return home to start businesses and become employers of labor, lowering the rising rate of crime among youths in Abia State and Nigeria in general. 

She promised to build an airport in Abia State and to reform the state's political game for the betterment of the citizens of Abia.

Monday, 30 May 2022

Adesina, Applauds Presidential Dairy Magazine For Credible Reportage


Mr Femi Adesina, the president's special assistant on media and publicity, has praised the Presidential Dairy Magazine for its authenticity in reporting on President Muhammadu Buhari's government. 

This was said by Adesina at the magazine's sixth-anniversary conference and award ceremony, which was recently held in Abuja.

He stated that every government requires encouragement, but that all he hears are complaints, critiques, and various baseless stories from time to time. That is why he believes people should value something like the Presidential Dairy. 

"It encourages and supports you." When you pick up a copy of the presidential dairy magazine, you are relieved to see that, yes, this is a periodical that acknowledges the Buhari administration's efforts and decides to communicate them to the wider people.

"No government enjoys seeing its citizens killed. However, the current narrative in the country makes it sound as if the administration is even interested about Nigerians being killed. 

"This is an administration that has done more in the field of security than any other government in the country's history." It has provided platforms and equipment to the Armed Forces.

"I believe the Air Force had two or three serviceable fighter jets when this government took office, but there are now over 20, all bought by the Buhari administration." You'll find the same thing in the Navy, and you'll find the same thing in the Army. It has so well armed our military that when a new government comes in, we won't have to start from scratch. It'll just keep going. 

"However, you know what? In most circles in Nigeria, there isn't a single word of praise, and I like to add that everyone, including you and me, deserves recognition from time to time. If you're being honest with yourself, this administration has constructed infrastructure such as roads, rail, and airports.

Murtada Busair Ahmad, an associate professor at the Nile University of Nigeria's Abuja's Mass Communication Department, who also praised Presidential Dairy Magazine, said in his keynote address that journalism should not have been established without politics, and that journalism's existence throughout history has not been without politics. 

"When we talk about good governance, which is a hot topic right now," Ahmed explained, "we students of politics and media always go to the literature to see if there is any knowledge of what scholars have said about such topics."

Dr. Abubakar Jimoh, the editorial adviser of Presidential Dairy Magazine, stated in his remarks that the magazine was founded in 2015, when Nigerians were clamouring for change, and that this was the force that propelled President Muhammadu Buhari into office.

Four Vitamin D Fallacies Debunked


Vitamin D, which contains vitamins D1, D2, and D3, is a fat-soluble vitamin. When your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, your body naturally generates vitamin D. Vitamin D can also be obtained through certain meals and supplements to achieve optimal blood levels. Vitamin D is necessary for the normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as boosting resistance to diseases.

However, there are various fallacies about Vitamin D, as a result of which many people consume it in excess, resulting in vitamin D toxicity. Overdosing on vitamin D has a negative impact on the kidneys. Yes, as vital as it is to understand the benefits of vitamin D, it is as critical to be properly informed about it. 

The following are some vitamin D myths and the realities surrounding them:

1. The more your Vitamin D intake are, the better

This idea is not entirely correct. Vitamin D is an excellent example of how too much of a good thing can become counterproductive. Adults aged 19 to 70 should take 15 milligrams (600 IU), while those aged 71 and up should take 20 milligrams (600 IU) (or 800 IU). 

The daily limit for people aged 9 and up is 4,000 IU. When choosing a supplement, look at the IU on the bottle. Better still, have your doctor perform a blood test to determine whether you need a supplement in the first place. 

Vitamin D toxicity occurs when you take too much of it. It interferes with the kidneys' regular function.

2. Lack of Vitamin D Can’t be Linked To Depression

Production of serotonin in the body appears to be facilitated by vitamin D. Serotonin is a hormone that helps regulate mood and sleep. According to research, low vitamin D levels have been associated with cognitive issues. Depression can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which is low vitamin D levels. Getting your vitamin D levels back to normal could help improve cognitive function, and restore mood balance

3. Vitamin D is not Related to Blood Sugar Levels

It's time to have your vitamin D levels checked with your doctor if you're trying to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes. According to a study, taking vitamin D supplements for six months enhanced insulin levels in those at risk for type 2 diabetes as well as those who had recently been diagnosed. According to the experts, vitamin D supplementation may help prevent the formation of type 2 diabetes or reduce the progression of the condition.

4.  Getting A Sufficient Amount of Vitamin D From Food Is Easy

This is a popular misunderstanding surrounding vitamin D. It's not unlikely to get vitamin D from food sources, but it's can be challenging because few foods contain sufficient amounts.

The most popular vitamin D foods include eggs, cheddar cheese, fortified meals like milk and cereal, and mushrooms. But, only a small part of the recommended daily intake (RDA) for vitamin D is provided by these foods.

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