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Hygiene: Radical Clean Solutions International Introduces RCS Hydroxyl Radical Generator Systems

According to a report, it is now possible to "cleanse" an indoor environment of all pathogens and odors, both from the air we breathe and from all surfaces we come into contact with up to an acknowledged and proven pathogen reduction of 99.9999 percent, using just one system, Radical Clean Solutions International's RCS system. 

According to a press release issued by RCS International and signed by Stuart Elson, Head of Global Development, and sent to the Daily Independent, RCS has duplicated this atmospheric occurrence so that the natural cleaning power of the hydroxyl radical outdoors may now be felt and used indoors.

The press statement states in part, "Today we face the threat, both to our health and the disruption of our life by Sars Cov-2 (Covid); Tomorrow there may possibly be a new virus that we know nothing about...and how have we gotten rid of these threats or prepared for ones to come...?" No, we have not been able to.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is how much more conscious we are of our immediate surroundings and how important genuinely safe spaces are now. However, RCS's decision to deploy the Hydroxyl Radical Generator systems was not influenced by Covid or lockdowns; for that, we must go back in time, it was added. 

NASA first learned about the impact of atmospheric Hydroxyl Radicals in the 1960s, a study by Leeds University in the UK in the 1970s showed it was the Hydroxyl Radical—not ozone—that cleared our atmosphere of the danger from pathogens and toxic gases, and in 1995 The Intergovernmental Panel Conference on Climate Change made this fact publicly known for the first time.

Elson said that when UV light from the sun strikes water vapor in the atmosphere, a Hydroxyl Radical is generated. When these two elements come together, a reaction occurs that transforms water vapor (H2O) into OH or HO. This OH binds to microorganisms and destroys them, neutralizing any hazard in the environment and on any surface. The Head of Global Development continued, "RCS has duplicated this atmospheric phenomenon so that today, the natural cleansing force of the Hydroxyl Radical outdoors may be experienced and work indoors."

How does it work?

It works by imitating the production of hydroxyl radicals in nature. Each of our models draws air into the device, where it enters a reaction chamber containing a number of cutting-edge optics light sources. The moisture inside the chamber is converted to OH, and the resulting OH (the Hydroxyl Radical) is released outside the unit, creating a concentration of 2.6 billion Hydroxyl Radicals per cubic centimeter, the same as what is found naturally (cm3).

What makes this solution so effective?

In order to respond to that, let's take a look at some of the alternatives that have been in use for years despite the fact that we know they have little effect and only persist because there are no better options available. Einstein might have compared this strategy to "insanity" because it involves using the same methods over and over again while hoping for a different result. 

Hydrogen peroxide (Bleach) is hazardous to handle and expensive to keep properly; it needs to be diluted and administered by qualified professionals; when used in this way, it is far less effective. All of those chemicals eventually wash back into the soil or the ocean when they are washed away. To be used in industrial settings, a room must be empty.

Direct UV radiation - UV requires 14 seconds of continuous contact to reduce a pathogen by 90% (Log 1) and have any detectable effect, but this method is ineffective since air circulates. UV also functions in a "line of sight" manner; anything that blocks the light beam creates a shadow, which leaves anything outside of it unclean or unaffected. The further the target is from the original light source, the less effective the light is. cannot be utilized when guests are present. 

By definition, a "filter" works to prevent a substance from passing through rather than to completely remove it. Filters clog up very easily, thus decreasing their efficacy. The most sophisticated filters are HEPA filters, which are typically found in air conditioning systems outside of buildings. 

According to the statement, standard HEPA filters can only block particles that are 3 microns in size (3000 nanometers), while more advanced ones can block particles as small as 0.3 microns (300 nanometers). As a result, by definition, they cannot block elements like viruses or bacteria, nor can they stop the growth of mold or fungus inside buildings, or remove offensive odors. 

The RCS Hydroxyl Radical Generator line is completely safe for people, pets, and plants; you can carry on working nearby. As a result, continued use of the RCS Hydroxyl Radical Generator range increases an establishment's productivity.

Consider any indoor area that needs to be "cleaned" after regular use before it can be utilized again. It's vital to leave the space, clean it, wait, and then come back in. This idle time may last for several hours. One action might easily lead to the next if the RCS Hydroxyl Radical Generator were located there, allowing for more work to be completed in the same amount of time. Increased productivity, safer working conditions, better outcomes, and improved environmental conditions are among the advantages that address both commercial and health concerns, he stated in the news statement.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

COVID-19: 324% Increase In Cases In Just One Month

The number of COVID-19 cases reported in the nation within one month has sharply increased by 324%, according to analysis of data on COVID-19 cases acquired from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control. 

Between May 12 and June 12 of 2022, 568 cases were registered across the nation. 

However, no fewer than 2,407 cases were reported between June 13, 2022, and July 12, 2022, resulting in a significant increase of 323.76 percent in the number of positive cases.

The rise coincides with a possible fifth wave of the pandemic being warned about. 

Before the Salah break, the NCDC warned Nigerians in a public health advice that there could be a fifth wave of the virus. 

The NCDC had stated in its advice, "As we rejoice, we ask Nigerians to avert the beginning of a full-fledged fifth COVID-19 wave by being vigilant of the high risk of COVID-19 spread and acting in tandem by following to suggested public health safety measures.

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, Nigeria has seen a total of 258,874 positive cases. 3,144 people have died while 250,456 have been discharged from hospital.

Some regions of the world are seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases. For instance, officials in the United Kingdom said COVID limits may be reinstated if an increase in cases has an impact on the National Health Scheme. 

2.7 million persons in private households are projected to have had COVID-19 over the preceding week, up 18% from 2.3 million the week prior, according to official UK data.

However, according to researchers, the country's upcoming election and rainy seasons may further encourage the coronavirus to flourish there. 

There is a presidential working group on COVID-19 control headed by the SGF Boss Mustapha, and everything must follow the rules. There is a quarantine law that gives a lot of power to the president. You can't blame the politicians because there is a law governingthis. 

The basic truth is that everyone is making every effort to defend oneself to the best of their ability given the constraints imposed by reality. The presidential steering committee should present this information to them so they may decide how to proceed and address the country; if a lockdown is necessary, it should be implemented right away, according to Dr. Uche Ojinmah, national president of the Nigerian Medical Association.

Funke Akindele As Jandor's Running Mate By The Lagos PDP

On Tuesday, Dr. AbdulAzeez Olajide Adediran, often known as Jandor, the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) candidate for governor in Lagos State, officially announced famous actress Funke Akindele as his running partner for the general election of 2019.

Speaking at the event, which was held at the Ikorodu home of the late Adenrele Ogunsanya, the founder of his group (Lagos4Lagos), and was attended by party leaders and a sizable crowd of party members, including Wahab Owokoniran, Chief Taiwo Kuye, a former member of the South-West Caretaker Committee, Chief (Mrs.) Aduke Maina, a member of the Board of Trustees 

He claimed that it resulted from a clear knowledge of the task at hand and the requirement to collaborate with another visionary who was passionate about emancipating the wonderful people of Lagos.

The PDP flag bearer praised Akindele as the embodiment of selfless service, a philanthropist, and an amazon who would steadfastly stand by him as they formed a line on the side of the people because, in his opinion, getting to the Governor's Lodge, Alausa, Ikeja, required concentration, resiliency, and tenacity. 

"My running mate is a person with a big heart and a long history of service and advocacy, a successful businesswoman who built her company from scratch to the success it is today, a member of the entertainment industry and an employer of labor, and an amazing talent whose creative works have won awards repeatedly. 

"A diva from Ikorodu who has championed the need to change our ghettos and the people who live there through several of her ventures.

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Government Agents Should Stop Playing Politics With Everything -ASUU Replies Presidency

On Tuesday, the Academic Staff Union of Universities responded to the president's remarks about the union's ongoing strike action, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret. 

There are rumors that Buhari encouraged the professors on strike on Monday to think about the next generation and go back to work in a statement issued by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu. 

"We sincerely hope that ASUU will feel compassion for the workers on the indefinite strike. The days of keeping students at home are genuinely over. For goodness sake, don't harm the next generation, Buhari reportedly said.

However, the president was charged with engaging in psychological games by including the next generation in his address, according to the chairperson of ASUU at Federal University of Minna, Dr. Gbolahan Bolarin. 

In a statement made available to our correspondent in Abuja, the ASUU chairperson claimed that the president, who had been outspoken about the union's issues before taking office, had failed to put his understanding of those concerns to good use. 

"A comment about the ASUU's struggle that was attributed to President Buhari flooded the media yesterday and continued until this morning.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide this simple response so that Nigerians can determine whether "Enough is indeed enough." 

"First of all, Mr. President was quite outspoken about the ASUU battle years ago, before he was elected president, and one would have expected him to be more knowledgeable about the struggle than certain individuals, but sadly, his remark yesterday revealed otherwise. 

I won't hold the president much accountable; all I can say is that his handlers are his opponents because if the president had had a thorough briefing on the subject, he wouldn't have said what he did.

"The president repeated his statement that enough is enough, but how much is really enough? Was he referring to the refusal of his appointees to carry out a command he issued on February 1, 2022, for more than two months? Was he tired of reading reports on tasks assigned to various agencies? These are more of his flaws than that of the Union.

"The president was attempting to play a psychological game by dragging students (the next generation) into the statement, oblivious to the fact that lecturers, like any other common Nigerian, have children and wards in public universities, but his children are/were/were never in public universities." 

"Unfortunately, the government is just realizing that they are parents when their own children do not even know what the gates of public schools in the country look like after six months of keeping the other students at home owing to its bad management of the strike"

We all know that the political class scarcely cares about the rest of us because they only think the students are useful for political thuggery, therefore there is no need to present the ASUU battle in such a dramatic light. 

"I was so pleased when the president said that we should lean toward technology, but we must ask ourselves once more if we have the resources to turn our colleges into centers of innovation. Is it not one of ASUU's requests that our universities modernize their facilities so that we can compete? Then, I think enough is enough of day dreaming.

The ASUU chairperson further warned the presidential spokesperson and other government representatives against politicizing ASUU-related matters in the statement. 

"Unfortunately, some president's aides believe that academic personnel can only think at their own level of reasoning to the fullest. Mr. Garba Shehu, the president's media adviser, stated yesterday on Channels TV: "Why is ASUU holding President Buhari to ransom?" This gives the conflict a personal feel. He ought to travel back in time and inform us whether President Buhari was in office in the 1990s, in 2009 (during the strike that resulted in the infamous deal), in 2013, during the six-month strike, etc.

"Government officials ought to quit politicizing things, especially when lives are at stake. What part of the demand has been resolved that can cause any right-thinking person to bend, as he also suggested ASUU should do?

When I heard, "They should go back to classes while we continue to negotiate with them," I was very disappointed. Do they think we are stupid or a bunch of dummies who can't think things through properly? You have been unable to fix even one of the concerns we have been protesting for over six months, and now you want us to return to school so that we can call another strike in the following three months. 

"Haba, Mr. President, enough of this talk; it is time for action that will rapidly result in a lasting resolution of the difficulties consistent with what you were stating prior to 2015 and history will be good to you as the president who brought enough to ASUU,"

2023 Election: Nigerians Must Choose Rightly- Sanwo-Olu

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu stated on Monday that Nigerians cannot risk making bad choices in the 2023 general elections. 

Sanwo-Olu made this statement at the Lagos House, Ikeja at the First Family of Lagos State's 2022 Eid-ul-Adha celebration, which was sponsored by the Lagos State Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, the deputy governor, spoke on his behalf when he urged Nigerians to make the best decision possible in 2023 because it will affect the destiny of their nation.

He stated that because the outcome of the general elections in 2023 will have a significant impact on Nigeria's fate, Nigerians could not afford to choose the wrong leaders in that year's elections. 

Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential nominee for the All Progressives Congress (APC), is the best candidate for 2023, he emphasized, because he has created links throughout Nigeria.

He said that Tinubu had worked with individuals from many racial and ethnic groupings in the nation, stressing that he sought for qualified individuals to collaborate with. 

Sanwo-Olu urged citizens to uphold their allegiance to the state and their country, saying that they owed the state a debt of patience, obedience, and loyalty.

He also said that parents should raise their children in a godly manner and teach them values such as patience, loyalty, and obedience. 

The governor's wife, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, stated in her speech that Eid-ul-Adha, the yearly spiritual celebration, was an example of the virtues of love, faith, and obedience.

She emphasized the value of peaceful coexistence, pointing out that Lagos State was expanding rapidly as a result of the peaceful cohabitation of many populations there. 

She urged people to keep up their prayers for national harmony, live in the fear of God, and show one another kindness. 

Sanwo-Olu concluded that love must be evident in interpersonal interactions and recommended parents to provide a good example for their children by living a positive lifestyle. 

ASUU Strike: It Is No Longer Acceptable to Keep Students At Home - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari criticized the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), on Monday for allegedly being adamant in ending the prolonged strike, declaring that enough is enough about keeping students at home. 

President Buhari urged the university lecturers not to harm the next generation for goodness sake and expressed his hope that ASUU would sympathize with the people affected by the long drawn strike.

The President called on ASUU to change its stance on the protracted strike while speaking to lawmakers, governors, and other political figures at his home in Daura, Katsina State. He expressed concern that the strike will have generational effects on families, the educational system, and the nation's future development.

The President claimed that the strike had already had an impact on the psychological well-being of parents, students, and other stakeholders, bringing to light numerous moral issues that urgently needed attention. 

He stated that the country's future depends on how well its educational systems and general education are run. He also assured the students in the lecture halls that the government is aware of their concerns and that further negotiations should be held.

According to a statement made by Mallam Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President for Media and Publicity, "We hope that ASUU will sympathize with the people on the prolonged strike. The days of keeping students at home are genuinely over. Please, do not harm the coming generation. 

The President urged all well-meaning Nigerians, especially those close to the association's leaders and members, to take action to convince the lecturers to change their minds about their stance and the potential consequences for the nation and an entire generation. 

He claimed that university students from Nigeria will have to compete with others in a highly connected and technologically advanced workplace, and that keeping them at home will only rob them of the time, opportunities, and skills necessary to be relevant on a global scale.

He asserts that "Colonial-style education was designed to produce workers for the government. These positions have been eliminated. Education should be provided to our youth to help prepare them for self-employment. Education is now pursued for its own sake. 

"Technology has greatly increased our efficiency. Our children should be encouraged to pursue education rather than just look for government jobs. 

Instead of growing the bureaucracy to create jobs, President Buhari said resources should be directed more toward developing the infrastructure and running the health and educational sectors.

The President stated, "By this time next year, I would have gotten the most out of the two terms, and I will do my best in the remaining months." 

He urged those in positions of power and privilege to exercise caution when assisting the numerous Nigerians who were looking for opportunities. 

If you're greedy, you won't look around to see what's going on with people who have less," he said. 

The President explained to the governors and political figures that the demands of office had prevented him from visiting his home in Daura for nearly a year.

"The Emir of Daura, Dr. Faruk Umar Faruk, made the observation that I left my base at the Eid prayer grounds. The last time I was in Daura was for Eid-el-Kabir in 2021, he said while holding the microphone, he continued. 

In contrast to Kaduna, where he had a better home, President Buhari stated that he would retire in Daura. 

"I'll be here in about ten to eleven months. Though it is closer to Abuja, I have a better house in Kaduna," he claimed.

The President cited the busy work schedule and expressed sympathy for Geoffrey Onyema, the minister of foreign affairs, who had to spend most of his time away from his family. 

Insisting that "We are a lucky people, and we need to reflect more on where we are coming from," he urged the APC's core members to continue working for the benefit of the populace and the nation.

According to the President, the government had accomplished a lot in many areas, particularly in infrastructure, given the resources at its disposal and in comparison to the previous administration. 

I wish the best for the person coming after me," he said. 

The North West, according to the President, had more security-related difficulties, while the North East and South South had seen some progress.

Some South South natives were advised by President Buhari to stop harming national assets because doing so also affects their livelihood. 

I can't wait to leave. I can attest that it hasn't been easy. The fact that people recognize the personal sacrifices we have been making, I thank God for, he continued. 

Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, the chairman of the Progressive Governors' Forum, thanked the president during his remarks at the meeting for his leadership in boosting the country's economy and for the numerous achievements of the APC, including the two conventions that produced the party's leadership and its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

"We'll put in a lot of effort to make sure our party is a success. We should put in a lot of effort, he continued. 

The governor of Kebbi State, Bagudu, claimed that the state's rice pyramids showed clear evidence of the success of the vision to ensure food production and make agriculture a priority. 

"Our nation's food production is still self-sufficient despite the renegade attacks. Before you took office, there were no investments that we have seen now.

"Agriculture process zones are now present in at least 20 states. While maize pyramids were revived in the states of Katsina and Kano, we have rice pyramids in the states of Ekiti, Gombe, and Niger, he said. 

He claimed that 57 fertiliser plants had been renovated or rebuilt, and that more than 54 rice meals had been put into service in various states. 

The governor told the President, "All these were accomplished because of your commitment and patriotism."

In addition, Bagudu thanked the President for making it simple for governors and other political figures to communicate with him. He noted that the National Economic Council's opening for a more open exchange of ideas had a significant positive impact on the economy. 

At the lunch with the president were the governors of the following APC states: Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State, Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State, Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State, Dr. Fayemi

ASUU Strike: 'Why Hold Buhari By the Neck?' Garba Shehu Questions Academic Staff

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has been questioned by the Presidency about the ongoing strike.

Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President for Media and Publicity, questioned why ASUU was grabbing the President by the neck over a contract that his government had not signed. Shehu recalled that the disputed agreement was signed by the previous Federal Government in 2009. 

Shehu, who appeared on the Channels Television program Politics Today, asserted that the Buhari administration is unable to fully satiate their demands. He acknowledged that other areas of the nation's economy require the Federal Government's attention. 

Shehu contends that because the military needs weapons to combat terrorists, the government cannot focus solely on ASUU. According to him, the president of Nigeria has the right to make an appeal on behalf of Nigerians because the strike has been ongoing for at least six months.

Is it proper for someone to demand to be compensated in full for all of their complaints? Remember that the 2009 agreement with the then-government, which they are unable to fulfill and have transferred from one government to another, is what is to blame for this issue. 

Therefore, we might wonder: Why is Buhari being attacked? What occurred previously? Why did they not suffocate the previous administrations over these issues? Our main concern is that. 

"The Federal Government has presented a lot of information. I want to know if the Federal Government will comply with all ASUU demands.

Other areas of the economy are also crying out for attention. For example, the military needs weapons and firearms to combat terrorism. We must investigate other economic sectors.

"We are about to turn the corner and all these problems are about to be resolved," the minister of state for education assured. I hope it ends soon because we have previously reached this point. 

They should be convinced to resume their studies because they have family and community leaders on their side. Then, any outstanding issues can be discussed. 

This comes after Buhari urged the academic community to take students' futures into account and end the ongoing industrial action.

Osinbajo And Tinubu Are At Odds Over A Muslim-Muslim Ticket


The selection of Kashim Shettima, a former governor of Lagos State, by ALL Progressives Congress presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to run on a Muslim-Muslim ticket has put the former governor on a collision course with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who reportedly warned that such an adoption would not bode well for the party or the nation. 

Yesterday, a Presidency source revealed that Osinbajo had voiced strong opposition to the selection of a Muslim-Muslim ticket. 

The source added that the VP opposed a Muslim-Muslim ticket in 2014 even before what ultimately turned out to be his own eventual nomination as VP. "Professor Osinbajo is opposed to this thing announced on Sunday, and his objections are well known both to the party and even the flagbearer himself," the source said. 

Then, he allegedly told Tinubu that a Muslim-Muslim ticket would only marginalize Christians. Later, after emerging as the front-runner for the APC, President Buhari shared that viewpoint and declined offers to name Tinubu as his running mate.

According to the credible source, Osinbajo recently advised APC leaders and Tinubu to steer clear of an unbalanced ticket, claiming that doing so would be both unworkable and risky. 

The source stated: "The VP explained that a balanced ticket is indisputable in terms of logic, fairness, and justice. A false choice is presented by the claim that merit should take precedence over a Muslim-Christian balance. There is no either/or situation. A balanced ticket allows you to receive all the merit you desire.

Anything less than a balanced ticket, according to the vice president, causes unneeded tension and exacerbates some of the nation's fault lines. A balanced ticket, however, undoubtedly sends the right message. 

Following the announcement on Sunday, there have been new discussions of political realignments, as some other registered parties are reportedly preparing to form a new coalition with Vice President Osinbajo. This is seen as an opportunity to present a credible and religiously-balanced option in the upcoming presidential election. A meeting to examine this possibility, according to a source, is currently being planned.

According to the source, "APC may have shot itself in the foot with this kind of ticket, and the tensions that have arisen in the party and the nation since the announcement are a bad thing."

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