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Participants Thank NLNG's Change Your Story Workshop For Helping Them Tell Their Stories Digitally



Participants, facilitators and funders at the just concluded NLNG Change Your Story workshop facilitated by the Journalism Clinic in Lagos.

"The NLNG Change Your Story workshop has equipped me to use digital tools to do people-oriented reporting, particularly as a journalist saddled with the responsibility of reporting technology developments." This was the view of Prince Osuagwu, one of the participants who spoke to Sunday Independent at the just concluded NLNG Change Your Story workshop facilitated by the Journalism Clinic in Lagos.

Osuagwu was one of the lucky participants in the three-day workshop tagged #NLNGTellYourStory, a multi-media session designed to build skills and bridge the knowledge gap between traditional and digital journalism practice.

Participants at the just-concluded training were taught the use of new digital tools in mobile and visual storytelling that drives positive change in the society.

They further learned how to shoot and edit high-quality videos with smartphones, create stories at a speed that grabs attention online and on social media, as well as explore mobile-friendly story forms and useful digital tools that make their job easier and raise their professional profile.

Dan Mason, an internationally-acclaimed digital and data journalism trainer and Pelu Awofeso, Nigerian  Researcher and Author  during one of the sessions at the recently concluded NLNG Change Your Story workshop in Lagos

The session which featured Dan Mason, an internationally-acclaimed digital and data journalism trainer saw the participants reliving beautiful experiences about how the training has improved the quality of their work. 

Some said that they were happy with the new skill and digital tools, which will enable them to tell stories for a variety of audiences, particularly the digitally savvy young generation, as well as aid to stop the spread of fake news on the internet.

Others thanked Mason for the tutorials on the use of canvas to tell stories visually; use of the ABC (Angle, Background, and Close-up) method in taking photographs, Cap cut, and free video tool in digital reporting.

For instance, the visibly excited Adaku Onyenucheya said, it's "good to meet new people and learn new digital skills to practice journalism effectively in Nigeria. A big thanks to @nigeriaLNG @Clinic4Journos and @masondan for this privilege."

Falade Onaolatomorin, another ecstatic participant, remarked, @nigeriaLNG @Clinic4Journos @masondan Thank you for an amazing learning session. It was refreshing to learn new ways of telling engaging stories and promoting the future of journalism. 

Chioma Obinna said, "I really had a swell time at the NLNG Tell Your Story Digital and Communication Workshop #NLNGChangeYourStory held at the EKO Hospitals and Suites, Lagos."

It was a win-win thing for participants, facilitators, and funders who expressed delighted to host a fresh cohort of Nigerian journalists for the 2022 #NLNGChangeYourStory hands-on mobile journalism training from Wednesday, June1 to Friday, June 3.

The Journalism Clinic tweeted after the training on its handle, @clinic4journos, "And so after three activity-packed days, we minted a new cohort of mobile-first, audience-focused and multimedia-minded journalists in Nigeria, thanks @nigeriaLNG. We trust that this training will impact their reporting, going forward."

Welcoming participants to the training, Mason earlier noted that the three-day practical training would help journalists and communicators master new digital skills and show them how to approach storytelling from a different angle that drives positive change.

The delighted trainer, said, "Great to be back on the road with #NLNGChangeYourStory in #Lagos. Mobile, digital journalism that makes a difference, now in its seventh year! Working with a fantastic group of journalists and always a pleasure."

He explained that today, the emphasis is shifting from hitting the media space with loads of details to mobile-first, audience-focused, and multimedia-minded journalists in Nigeria.

He said with new digital skills, the audience would want to subscribe to the news channels to get more value, greater access, understanding, and a variety of stories and events.


Every Story Is About People 

Mason stressed to the eager participants, “Even though Nigeria’s solution is different from every other country, the undoubted thing that has been found is the total focus on the audience, individuals, and how to make them part of the network.

 “Statistics show that people still respect traditional mainstream journalists, but the younger demographics respect influencers who know how to network. “Journalists are influencers because that is their job. You need to go on social media platforms and start building that network to suit your beats.

“Visual media is important to get your story across to your audition through social media platforms. You need to build your own influence and networks as the world has moved digital,” he added.

He explained the importance of journalists answering questions that audiences are asking while crafting stories. Mason, however, urged the participants to build their profile on social media as a communication professional at the heart of the network, noting that it is very important for people to know them.

The noticeably pleased international trainer highlighted that the trainees in Nigeria have proven to be mobile-first, audience-focused, and multimedia-minded journalists as a result of the training.

On People First Journalism

Taiwo Obe, Founder, Journalism Clinic,  addressing participants at the just-ended NLNG Change Your Story workshop in Lagos.

The Coordinator, Journalism Clinic, Taiwo Obe, speaking to journalists said, "In this journalism business, we don't care about our people. I keep saying, a few of you people who have worked in your newsrooms, we do not care about the people we are covering. I say to you, always reverse positions with the people you are covering. That is exactly what we have done here.

 "So, when the story breaks, go to Twitter now, what are the questions they are asking. They are asking the same question that you should be asking. But then, our newsrooms is so wired that they just go to the next story. Meanwhile, those who are not ‘trained’ to find answers to those questions will come up with all kinds of speculations, rumours and all that. 

"Those of us who are trained, we move on to another story. So when you complain nobody is reading you, it’s because you've not responded to them, you're not putting people first.

"So when you reverse position with people, it is same question that you are asking, that they're asking. But when no one is giving them answers they move on, and are ready to pay for people who are giving them answers for the same questions you are asking, but you have moved to the next topic."

Anne-Marie Palmer-Ikuku, Acting Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs,  Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) giving her welcome remarks at the just-ended NLNG Change Your Story workshop in Lagos.

Earlier, Anne-Marie Palmer-Ikuku, Acting Manager, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) while welcoming participants to the training tasked them to pay attention in order to learn, assuring that they will learn something new. 

She said, "There is always something new to learn, we urge you to pay attention and if you don't understand anything, you can call the attention of the speaker. Everything you pick up here, you're going to find extremely useful," she added.

Pelu Awofeso, a Nigerian Researcher and Author said it was "great to be assisting @araisokun and @masondan at the #NLNGChangeYourStory training, hosted @Clinic4Journos for journalists from a wide selection of media houses across Nigeria."

NLNG Change Your Story, Lifetime Gift

The sponsorship of Journalism Clinic which began seven years ago in 2015 with only 10 journalists has seen hundreds of practitioners improving their work, said Obe, Visioner, Journalism Clinic.

He advised the 2022 NLNG Change Your Story participants, "Let me tell you something, you are not here for your editor or publisher. This is the best gift you can get – self-development.

"This is my teacher I got a commonwealth fellowship to go to the UK to learn this. So, really to thank Nigeria LNG, it is a gift for life," Obe added, referring to Dan Mason as his teacher.

The vision of The Journalism Clinic, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is to raise the next generation of first-rate journalists in Nigeria. 

Obe said, "Our customised training room is appropriately called, The Hub and it’s open for public, commercial use, as well."

The Journalism Clinic was founded by Taiwo Obe, better known as TO, a Commonwealth Professional Fellow and Fellow of the Nigerian Guild of Editors. He also founded in 2011 the EverythingJournalism Group on the professional network, LinkedIn, to promote best practices in journalism. He teaches at The Journalism Clinic and facilitates workshops on digital storytelling at the School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University. To show rather than tell, Obe also practises what he teaches.

He called for partnership from Nigerians and organisations that are passionate to give back to the society to help make more journalists in the country first-class.


Friday, 10 June 2022

The CMA has won the bid to host a session at the CHOGM People's Forum in 2022.



The Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) has been successful in its bid to host a session at the 2022 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) People's Forum, which will take place in Kigali, Rwanda, in June. 

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is an annual gathering of the 54 Commonwealth of Nations heads of state and government. Due of the COVID-19 epidemic, the CHOGM meeting has not been held in the last two years. However, in light of recent events, the Commonwealth Secretariat in London has announced that a physical meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, in June. This announcement has led to a flurry of activities in Kigali city of Rwanda, in preparation for the CHOGM meeting, of which the People’s Forum is a very significant part.

The Commonwealth Foundation also invited people, organizations, and groups to make proposals for organizing sessions at the GHOGM People's Forum in 2022, in keeping with the agreed CHOGM themes. The Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA), chaired by Dr. Osahon Enabulele, has formally presented her bid to the Commonwealth Foundation in response to this. Following a critical evaluation of the submitted proposals by a Commonwealth Foundation Review Panel, the Foundation publicly announced the successful bids for the only available six (6) sessions, with the Commonwealth Medical Association's bid being one of them.

With this development, the Commonwealth Medical Association has been granted approval to host a session on the opening day of the 2022 CHOGM People’s Forum billed for Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

In his address to the media, the President of the CMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, stated that the CMA was excited at the approval given to her by the Commonwealth Foundation to host a session at the Kigali 2022 CHOGM People’s Forum. He stated that this was a great fillip to the CMA’s earlier commitment to organize a special Summit on Human Resource for Health in advance of the CMA declarations at her November 2021 Conference/Council meeting, amongst which was a declaration calling on the Heads of Government in the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Secretariat to declare a state of emergency on Human Resource for Health (HRH) in the Commonwealth based on the poor state of HRH in the LMIC countries and its negative impact on the quest for attainment of Universal Health Coverage.

He told the media that he will be leading a 30-member CMA delegation to the session, which will focus on the present Human Resource for Health problem and its relationship to health disparity in the Commonwealth of Nations. Dr. Enabulele stated that a team of experts has been assembled to brainstorm on the chosen theme of the CMA session: "Human Resource for Health and Health Inequality in the Commonwealth: a Critical Issue," while encouraging physicians, health administrators, other health professionals, and stakeholders who wish to join the CMA delegation to the CMA session on June 21, 2022 at 2pm Kigali time, to quickly indicate so via the email address:

Thursday, 9 June 2022

The Revenue of FrieslandCampina WAMCO has increased by 35%



FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc announced a revenue growth of 35% for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2021. 

Despite the challenging climate, the company revealed this during its 49th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lagos, where it reported a significant rise in volume and value over the previous year. 

This includes increased competition and influx of substitute propositions. As a result, revenue grew by 35% from N199.5 billion in 2020 to N268.4 billion in 2021. From N19.4 billion in 2020 to N22 billion in 2021, operating profit increased by 13%. High finance costs as a result of the naira depreciation resulted in a 15% drop in earnings before tax from N14.9 billion in 2020 to N12.7 billion in 2021. 

"We achieved tremendous progress in improving our business strategies in the year under review," stated Ben Langat, Managing Director, FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa Cluster. We increased brand investments and improved physical availability.

"Our leading position was maintained and significant top-line growth was delivered thanks to a mix of strong brands, operational excellence, and an expanded route-to-market (RTM) distribution strategy." Similarly, significant initiatives such as collaboration on the Value4Dairy Consortium, investment in a new mobile yoghurt factory to scale up fresh milk processing, and expansion to new states have boosted our sustainable dairy development. All of these initiatives are geared toward delivering and accelerating backward integration of the dairy sector in Nigeria."

According to the company's dividend policy, the board of directors proposed a total dividend of N5.83 per share, which included an interim dividend of N1.10 per share paid in 2021 and a final cash dividend of N4.23 per share approved by shareholders at the AGM, as well as a one-for-one bonus share to be issued to existing shareholders. 

"Our achievements in 2021 were the product of joint efforts by numerous stakeholders, and I would want to convey my gratitude to them for their valuable contributions," said Moyo Ajekigbe, the organization's chairman. 

"The board recognizes the Management Team's impressive leadership, resilience, and professionalism in delivering the strong performance in 2021; and our highly valued employees at all levels." Despite the severe headwinds in our business environment, our Company was able to sustainably grow the business across the board.”

In terms of the company's 2022 prognosis, Ajekigbe stated that, despite the projected volatility and unpredictability in the business climate, the board and management are optimistic about the company's future and are committed to its success and sustainability. 

"We are convinced that the Company's dairy brands, which are industry leaders, will continue to benefit from our optimized route-to-market." We will continue to pursue our backward integration and product diversification initiatives with vigour in order to ensure our company's long-term viability, he added.

NHEA 2022: Two Lucky Private Organisations To Cart Away TB Awards


Anadach Group in partnership with the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) have announced two awards for picks by lucky private organisations that have supported their Tuberculosis (TB) LON 3 project in Nigeria at NHEA 2022.

A statement signed by Moses Braimah Director, Marketing, Communication and Strategy revealed that the two private organisations would be specially recognised  for supporting  their TB LON 3 project in Nigeria.

The two awards are titled, the Most Outstanding Private Sector Advocacy Support for TB of the Year and  Honorable TB Advocacy and Impact Organisation of the Year.

According to the WHO Global TB report, an estimated 440,000 people in Nigeria have tuberculosis (TB) each year. Though curable and preventable, it accounts for an estimated 1.4 million deaths globally in 2019. 

A major challenge in the TB response in Nigeria is low TB case detection as only one in four people with TB are diagnosed and poor coverage of TB screening, diagnostic & treatment services – less than 30% of health facilities in the country provide TB services. Thus, it is critical to rapidly find and treat undiagnosed people infected with TB. Given the high out of pocket payment in country, the probability of catastrophic health expenditure due to TB is high. 

Dr. Bunmi Ogbodu, Project Lead Anadach Group explained, "TB negatively impacts private businesses through increase in absenteeism, reduction in man hours amongst others as businesses which do not prioritise it.

"It becomes imperative to use a differentiated model approach that is inclusive of the Private Sector Strategy as part of the means to strengthen the resilient and sustainable systems for TB control," Ogbodu added.

Similarly, Moses Braimah, NHEA Director of Marketing, Communication and Strategy noted. "We are happy with this collaboration on Tuberculosis. It will in no small measure help to reduce the overall burden of TB in Nigeria through multiple stakeholder collaboration and we believe that having specific awards on TB would be helpful in addressing the TB situation in Nigeria, particularly encouraging participation and support from the Private Sector."

NHEA is an initiative of Global Health Project and Resources (GHPR) in collaboration with Anadach Group USA. GHPR is one of West Africa’s leading Healthcare Management and Consultancy Company, involved in the promotion of healthcare business in West Africa.  The company has amassed a wealth of experience from managing various healthcare projects from trainings, exhibitions, awards and surveys to the deployment of Information Technology


Monday, 6 June 2022

World Milk Day: Nestlé Hits a Milestone of 2,500L of Fresh Milk Per Day


Lagos State.

From solely 200 litres collected on the first day of milk collection on June 1, 2021, Nestlé's Nigeria Livestock Development Project (NLDP) has reached a milestone of 2,500 litres of fresh milk each day. 

NLDP distributes 1,500 L/day at Paikon Kore Grazing Reserve and 1,000 L/day at Kachia Grazing Reserve, thanks to a partnership between Nestlé Nigeria, 'CBiIL,' and 2SCALE. 

Victoria Uwadoka, Nestlé Nigeria's corporate communications and public relations manager, stated the 2,500L/day collection was made possible by 25 cooperatives with around 625 households milking between 4,000 and 6,000 cows every day.

These cooperatives have been coached and mentored for over 18 months in order to provide the high-quality fresh milk that the project now produces, according to Uwadoka. 

The World Milk Day 2022 celebration at Paikon Kore provided an opportunity to recognize and celebrate farmers who excelled in many elements of milk production. 

Highest Producing Male (Abdulrahman Rabia), Highest Producing Female (Rabia Raga), Best Aggregator (Shehu Muhammed), Best Cooperative Kosan Denko, Best Milking Community, and Aggregator with Least Spoilage were among the categories of awards given out (Adamu Abdullah). The recipients were ecstatic and thanked Nestlé and the NLDP for their generosity.

"It is pleasing to notice that milk production has gradually increased from 150 to 1,500 litres everyday during the last two years of this cooperation," stated Mr. Olusade Adesola, FCT's permanent secretary. I've been told that this center's items are offered in markets both inside and outside the Federal Capital Territory." 

"It may interest you all to know that since the reopening of the MCCC in 2021 in conjunction with Nestlé Nigeria PLC, daily milk output has climbed from around 300 to 1,500 litres," said Mallam Abubakar Ibrahim, mandate secretary, ARDS. 

"This is the outcome of both partners' ongoing training and improvement initiatives, as well as support from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Milk output in the FCT would be boosted if efforts by the NLDP partnership to introduce new cattle breeds and a demonstration farm succeed as planned." 

Through the NLDP, Nestlé continues to use its dairy knowledge to assist build a healthy dairy ecosystem, achieving its goal of Creating Shared Value with Nigerian dairy value chain stakeholders. By providing people with training and empowerment, and then purchasing their services, the initiative benefits to the local economy. 

Better Fodder, Better Quality, and Better Products are the three pillars of the NLDP. Improved cooperative dynamics, improved herd health, and hygienic milk collecting and handling techniques will all help achieve this goal.

Over 1,400 producers have been educated in modern Milk Handling and Milking Hygiene practices by the NLDP, allowing them to produce to industry standards and expand their market opportunities. In addition to helping the families raise output and improve the quality of their products, Nestlé pays a premium over market rates.

Lagos Schools Triumph In The Western Conference Of The MILO Basketball Championship


Lagos State.

Last Thursday, the Western Conference of the 22nd MILO Secondary Schools Basketball Championship concluded in Ibadan, with David Hall College, Obalende, Ikoyi, and Topfield College, Ajegunle, Apapa, excelling and earning a ticket to the Championship's National Finale. 

David Hall College, Obalende, Ikoyi, a hard-fighting Lagos institution, defeated the girls from Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo, Osun State, 31 to 15 to win the girl's division.

Topfield College, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos won by a single point over Victorroti Private Secondary School, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, 47 to 46 in the boys' category. The championship was held at the Lekan Salami Stadium's Indoor Sports Hall in Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo state capital. 

Mr. Olutayo Olatunji, Nestlé Nigeria's Category Manager for Beverages, said at the closing ceremony, "It is a pleasure to be here and to see this remarkable exhibition of skills at this Western Conference finals."

At MILO, we think that athletics give a platform for students to build fortitude and acquire principles as they pursue life achievement. This is why, for the past 22 years, we have supported the MILO Secondary Schools Basketball Championship in Nigeria. This Championship will continue to provide opportunity for these young people to acquire attributes such as leadership abilities, teamwork, tenacity, courage, self-confidence, and respect." 

"I wish to genuinely praise and thank Nestlé Nigeria PLC for this tremendous stride the firm has done in organizing a competition of this magnitude countrywide, regularly for over two decades," stated Oyo State Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Rahman Abiodun Abdul-Rasheed.

The Nestlé MILO Secondary Schools Basketball Championship has aided in national growth by providing healthy contests for our children, where talents are found, trained, and exhibited to the rest of the globe." 

From May 28 to June 3, 2022, the Western Conference of the 22nd Milo Secondary Schools Basketball Championship was held at the Lekan Salami Stadium in Adamasingba, Ibadan. Lagos, Ondo, Ogun Ekiti, and Oyo, the host state, are all represented in the conference. Edo, Delta, Osun, and Kogi are the others. 

Both male and female winners will compete in the National Finals at the Indoor Sports Hall of the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos, from June 25 to July 1, 2022, against winners from the recently ended Savanna Conference, Central Conference, and Equatorial Conference.

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