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Fertility Advocates Seek Support For Dr Ajayi As Lagos State Man Of The Year

Lagos State Man Of The Year Award ·      Fertility Advocates Make Case For Dr Ajayi BY CHIOMA UMEHA In many African societies, children are the most important thing in life, so not to be able to have that can be devastating. To this effect, childless couples are susceptible to depression, suicidal thoughts, among other problems because of difficulties in conceiving. To make matters worse, fertility problems are something that the affected people don’t always want to talk about. And so the sense of isolation can be overwhelming. Dr Ajayi Thanks to Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, CEO Nordica Fertility Centre with clinics in Lagos, Asaba and Asokoro Abuja, who many Nigerians that have benefitted from his services said have demystified fertility problems in Nigeria. It is not surprising that he was nominated by the Centre for Policy Development & Political Studies for the ‘Lagos State Man of the Year 2017 Award,’ along with nine other very formidable great achievers. Dr Aja