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UNAN Stresses On Charitable, Humanitarian Work To Achieve SDGs

  Dr Joan Agha, President, UNAN The United Nations Association Nigeria (UNAN) has urged every Nigerian to engage in charitable and humanitarian work as part of efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to societal welfare. Dr Joan Agha, President, UNAN made the call following the recent .visit of her organisation to Mother Theresa Orphanage homes, Ketu, Lagos, stressing that charity plays an important role in addressing the most pressing issues facing today’s humanity. The issues include poverty, hunger, inequality, and access to education and healthcare, she said in a statement that UNAN released to commemorate the International Charity Day. In view of this, the United Nations Association of Nigeria visited Mother Theresa Orphanage homes, in Ketu, Lagos, as part of its commitment to charity and humanitarian activities. Agha said, “The children in the home are living with cerebral palsy and other rare conditions the majority of the medications used to m

United Nations Association Of Nigeria Reiterates Commitment To Promote Peace

  United Nations Association of Nigeria (UNAN) has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting peace and fostering dialogue among people across the country and abroad. UNAN spoke through its President, Dr. Joan Agha, in a statement to mark the International Day of Peace noting that promoting peace, tolerance, and understanding in Nigeria and across the world is crucial amid current global challenges. Agha stressed that UNAN is committed to maintaining the United Nations' ideals and values, and therefore recognises the essential role that sustainable peace plays towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals. She explained that promoting peaceful societies paves the way for a foundation for inclusive growth, social development, and the protection of human rights. The statement partly reads, “On this International Day of Peace, the United Nations Association of Nigeria reaffirms its commitment to promoting peace and fostering dialogue among nations and peoples. “In the face of global

Create State-Wide Sexual Assaults Referral Centre, Lawyers Alert Urges Benue Governor

Some participants at the press conference to seek for a   framework for  Sexual Assaults Referral Centre  in Benue State recently. Lawyers Alert, a non-profit group, has urged Benue State Governor Rev Fr Dr. Hyacinth Alia to establish a framework for the state's Sexual Assaults Referral Centre (SARC). SARC is a specialized medical and support facility where survivors of sexual assault can receive medical care, evidence collection (forensic examinations), counselling, and support services including access to justice. Barrister Solumtochukwu Precious Ozobulu, Lawyers Alert's Senior Legal Officer made the call at a press conference and also urged the governor to expedite action on the review of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Law in Benue state.  She noted that 80 percent of human rights violations in Benue State are gender-based related and that less than 10 percent of these survivors of gender-based violence access justice. Lawyers Alert said Sexual and Gender-Based Vio