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Trained Manpower, Appropriate Technology Will Reduce Misdiagnosis.

The recent alarm on rising global incidence of cancer by the World Health Organisation (WHO) should worry African countries, including Nigeria, where the disease is becoming prevalent. Available statistics show that Nigeria accounts for  10,000 cancer deaths annually, while 250,000 new cases occur yearly. Prof. Innocent Ujah, Director- General of the Nigerian Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)Yaba, Lagos, in this interview with Chioma Umeha , announced that  the prevalence study for Humanpapilloma Virus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer will be out this year. Excerpt: The issue of misdiagnoses is a serious problem in this part of the world. How do you think we can improve on laboratory services, especially as concerns Cancers? Diagnosis involves the technician that is manpower development. The next is the technology.  Are we using the appropriate technology? If we are using the updated technology, then with trained manpower, we should be able to reduce misdiagnoses