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30th Anniversary: Medplus Nigeria To Launch $30,000 Grant For Female Business Owners

  ·      Hold Free Health Checks For 30 Communities ·      Prize Winners Would Enjoy Its Over 100 Distribution Ou tlets Access L-R: John Linuson, Regional Manager, Medplus; Ime Ntiaidem, Head Of Operations, Medplus; Mrs. Joke Bakare Founder&CEO, Medplus; Yemisi Adekunle, Personal Assistant to the CEO; Damola Odogiyon, Brand And Marketing Manager, Medplus, at the announcement of Medplus $30,000 grant for female-led business owners, and free health checks for 30 communities on Wednesday, in Lagos. Medplus Nigeria is set to launch $30,000 grant for female-led business owners and conduct free health checks for 30 communities nationwide to commemorate its 30th anniversary in October. Tagged, 'Built To Last' fund, the grant is more than just financial support; it's a lifeline to dreams, aspirations, and the economic empowerment of women,” said, Mrs. Joke Bakare, the Founder and CEO of Medplus. Bakare announced this during a media briefing, to celebrate her company’s milesto