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Nigeria Renews Strategy To Achieve Zero Malaria Deaths In 2020

About three billion US dollars is lost to malaria yearly due to out of pocket treatment and prevention costs.  This amount could pay the annual salaries of 2.2 million Nigerians on minimum wage.” This statistics is based on a recent report from experts working with a public health non-profit making organization, the Society for Family Health (SFH). The SFH experts also say that the socio-economic and health burden of malaria is high. The disease constitutes “a major cause of absenteeism in schools, offices and markets, and affects the national economy.” Malaria accounts for about six out of 10 out-patient visits and three of 10 admissions in healthcare facilities. They further state that malaria accounts for 11 per cent of maternal mortality and three of 10 deaths in children less than five years. The trend is worrisome to experts who say that Nigeria accounts for one-third of global malaria deaths. According to them the disease is also responsible for a quarter of