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Pharmacy Marred By Lack Of Teaching Aids, Research Grants

Olumide Akintayo, a member of the National Executive of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and the immediate past President of the society, in this interview addresses the challenges of practicing pharmacy, fake drug distribution, among other issues bugging the sector. According to media reports, you decried the state of pharmacy practice in Nigeria during the just concluded annual health week of the Pharmacy Academy of Nigeria Students (PANS), University of Benin (UNIBEN). Mention challenges which pharmacy professionals are facing. Stating that pharmacy has continued to thrive in an atmosphere of confusion is an understatement. Uncertainties have become the unenviable cross of the Nigerian Pharmacist.  An evaluation of the various sectors of pharmacy practice shows that some aspects epitomize a mass of putrefying sores. Academic pharmacy is marked with unending tales of woes which have manifested in lack of teaching aids and research grants for the academic