Preventing constipation with natural food

Do not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement.

When you have the urge to go, try not to put it off. Suppressing bowel movements will only put unnecessary burden on your digestive tract and nervous system. When both have worked hard to give you the urge to go, reward their efforts by going as soon as possible. Doing so will keep them alert and efficient.

Why is it important to overcome and prevent constipation? This is because the health of your entire body depends largely on a clean and well functioning digestive passage way. If your digestive passage way is blocked and dysfunctional, you increase your risk of developing a wide variety of health challenges, including but not limited to the following:

  • Hemorrhoids – enlarged veins in the rectal region
  • Anal Fissures – cuts in and around the anal sphincter that can be extremely painful and difficult to heal
  • Diverticulitis – inflamed pockets of weakened lining throughout the colon that can cause significant abdominal discomfort
  • Endogenous Toxicosis – production of toxins from microbial action on undigested food and waste materials that remain in the digestive tract for longer than normal

Adequate intake of healthy fats

All your cells, including those of your digestive tract and nervous system, require constant influx of undamaged fatty acids and cholesterol to remain fully functional. If you do not ensure adequate intake of healthy fats, your nervous system and the smooth muscles that surround your digestive passageway – both of which are responsible for creating peristaltic waves throughout your digestive tract – may deteriorate in function.

Also, intake of healthy fats is necessary for optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamin A, which is critical to building and maintaining a healthy digestive tract lining, which indirectly, is another key to promoting optimal bowel function.

Some healthy foods that are naturally rich in healthy fats include avocados, coconuts, olives, organic eggs, oily fish like salmon and mackerel, nuts and seeds.


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