Postgraduate Medical College backs Buhari on anti-corruption war

National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria, Thursday, declared its support for President Muhammadu Buhari on his ongoing anti-corruption crusade.

Speaking at a press conference to herald the college’s 33rd convocation, President of the college, Prof. Rasheed Arogundade commended Buhari for the giant strides he has made in less than four months on assumption of office.

Arogundade who disclosed that no fewer than 341 convokees will be awarding Fellowship certificates next week, pointed out that Buhari was already fulfilling his electioneering campaign promises.

According to him, corruption has negative effect in every aspect of the economy. He said through the ongoing effort, huge money would be saved, which is needed to revatilise every sector of the country’s economy, particularly the health sector.

L-R: Deputy Registrar, (Academics), National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria,
 Dr. Salami Sule; College Registrar, Professor Ayoola Atoyebi; College President,
 Professor Rasheed Ajani Arogundade and College Treasurer, Professor Opubo da
Lilly-Tariah, during the Pre-Convocation Press Conference of the College in Ijanikin,
“The President promised us change and we have started seeing the wind of that change. The anti-corruption stance of the Federal Government is indeed commendable and we have no doubt in our minds that with this development, a lot of money would be saved for the nation to meet the needs in education, health sectors and others.

“I wish to assure President Buhari that we are with him in his crusade and we wish him a successful tenure,” he said. He explained that if all the money that had been carted away in the past by public officers and converted into their personal pockets were available, they would have taken care of both the health and education problems.

Continuing, the College President appealed to President Buhari not to exempt the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) from the dissolved governing boards of all Federal parastatals and agencies as it will have disastrous consequences on the medical practice in the country.

The President explained that the council’s chairman unlike other bodies is not a political appointee and if dissolved would create room for cases of malpractices to go on unabated.

“There is no reason why the body should be dissolved because of its nature. The Council’s functions are strictly professional and regulatory in nature including medical education, accreditation of professional institutions, maintenance of standards, enforcement of discipline and also monitoring of health institutions that are training doctors all over the country among others.”

On the forthcoming convocation, the college president who said they have graduated 5,046 since inception announced that the college will be awarding honorary fellowship to the Governor of Ondo state for his achievements in the health sector while Prof. Emmanuel Otolorin, an erudite scholar and professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology will deliver the convocation lecture.

This story was published in Newswatch Times on September 12, 2015.


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