Reload Multivitamin promo winners emerge

The long awaited Reload Multivitamin Win -Win promo raffle draw, which was held among Pharmaceutical companies in the retail segment of the market, ended last Wednesday with 27 persons emerging as winners. The promotion which started in the month of September ended in December 2015 with a raffle draw event which produced winners of the various prizes including, the grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to Dubai.

The highpoint of the event is the emergence of Ikymavian Pharmacy Nigeria Ltd, Shomolu, Lagos as the grand prize winner of the all-expense paid trip to Dubai out of over 250 participants/retailers.
The draw was picked by Mrs. Abiola Paul Ozieh the Chairman of Association of Community Pharmacist (Lagos Branch) and special guest of honour at the Reload Multivitamin raffle draw event. She commended Reload Multivitamin for engaging the retailers as well as rewarding them for supporting the brand.

Prior to the grand prize draw, various prizes of 10 units of pressing iron, two units of 32 inches television set, two units of Home Theatre system,10 units of ceiling fans, two units of refrigerators, and one unit of air conditioner were drawn by members of the audience in attendance including representatives of the various media houses that covered the maiden edition of Reload Multivitamin Promo draw anchored by ace broadcaster Omotunde Adebowale David (Lolo of Wazobia FM)

L-R: Managing Director, New Height Pharmacy, Omaruye Ochuko; Chairman, 
Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, Mrs. Abiola Paul Ozieh; 
Managing Director, Pharmacy Plus, Emeka Obi; LOLO 1 of WAZOBIA FM, Omotunde David;
 Country Sales Manager, Reload Multivitamins, Joseph James, during Reload Multivitamins 
Raffle Draw held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday.
In his welcome remarks, the Chief Operating Officer of Pharmacy Plus, Mr. Chukwuemeka Obi, said, “The draw was a way of giving back to Reload retailers who have been there for us in the course of the year.”

According to him, ‘I am equally excited in as much as I’m not a winner. Being the organiser of this event, we have achieved our objective of rewarding those partners we consider key stakeholders in building the reward brand in our society towards improving the health of the consumers. They have helped put the brand in the market place, reach out to Reload customers on our behalf, which is the whole essence of the raffle draw’

‘He stated that the excited retailer will be allowed to decide his preferred time for the trip to Dubai, while other winners will be contacted to pick their prizes.
Mr. Obi reiterated the importance of multivitamins, in our day-to-day life, noted: “We live in a very stressful environment and looking at our eating habit, there is possibly no way we can get all our daily nutrition requirements from the food we eat, the only way we can get that is to take multivitamins.”

The Reload Multivitamin range of products has been developed as food supplements to make-up for vitamins and mineral deficit.
“Reload Multivitamin contains 24 fruits and vegetables. Taking one tablet daily would give you all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. Taking it in the morning will keep you ‘Reloaded’ for the entire day.

“Our wide range of products include: Reload Men’s formula, Reload Men’s 50+ Formula, Reload Women’s Formula, Reload Women’s 50+ Formulas, Reload Extra formula, Reload Immunity Formula, Reload 4 Kids Tablet, Reload 4 Kids Syrup and can be purchased in any of the pharmaceutical outlet around”.

The Reload 4 Kids ranges are fortified with vitamins and minerals along with fruits and vegetables. Reload will grow with your child with different formulas for different phases of life. It comes as chewing tablet for kids and liquid drop for babies. The Reload Infant Drops particularly help in cognitive development in infants.

“While the Reload Immunity is a balanced nutritional supplement that works to help your body ward off disease, bolstering the seven critical immune systems in your body,” he said.

This story was published in Newswatch Times on December 31, 2015.


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