… Pregnant woman disappears from home to avoid exercise

Following the insistence of an Islamic cleric that his pregnant wife undergoes circumcision after childbirth, the embattled wife has gone into hiding. The 29 years old woman was said to be hiding at yet to be identified location in a suburb of Lagos, Lagos State.

Investigation indicated that the lady, simply identified as Rukayat Tairu, was at the time of the incident had disappeared from her matrimonial home for the fear of being forced to undergo the painful circumcision process.

Exercises for pregnant women
Findings also show that she had earlier had a child for her first husband who happened to be a Christian which the parents were opposed to. But on getting to the new husband, he insisted that she must be circumcised according to the Islamic injunction.

According to close family sources, the lady will have to go through the circumcision after the delivery of her child.

Born into Islamic religion family, Rukayat, it was learnt had opted to embrace Christian religion, an action which had set her on a collision course with her father who continues to insist she must make amends.

It was also learnt that Rukayat had gone ahead to have her first baby for a Christian to worsen an already strained relationship with her parent.

It was further gathered that in order to assuage her parent’s ill-feeling towards her, Rukayat had agreed to move in with the Islamic cleric who her father had recommended as his favourite.

According to investigations, some religious faiths or are still holding on to this outlawed practice of female genital mutilation, which they believe is a way of restraining their wives from engaging in any form of fornication or extra-marital affairs.

The case, we learnt, has been reported to the police, who assured that she would be found. However efforts to reach the Police command’s spokesperson was not successful as her numbers were switch off.

This story was published in Newswatch Times on February 18, 2016.


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