Turkish Airlines now first to increase flights in Nigeria

Karakas explained: “We currently offer the largest number of O&D pairs in Africa – a total of 11,472 origin-to-destination pairs on the African continent.
“Within Africa, we do 2,448 O&Ds; Africa to Europe 5,184; Africa to the Middle East 1,632; Africa to the Far East 1,632; and Africa to America 576, which bring our total to 11,472 O&D’s. No other airline in the world covers Africa like we do nor are they as well-priced as we are.”
Talking about the expansion of routes Turkish Airlines wants specifically in Nigeria, Karakas explained that they currently fly from three locations in Nigeria, namely Lagos, Abuja and Kano, but would like to also fly from Port Harcourt and a few other locations.
In addition to that, the airline also wants to double its daily flights in and out of the three current locations. These requests, Karakas said have since been tabled before the presidency as well as the aviation ministry.


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