Expert Urges Infertile Couple To Seek Medical Assistance

A fertility expert and Consultant gyneacologist, Dr. Taiwo Orebamjo has called on couple who are infertile to seek help from gyneacologist than visiting quacks that could jeopardise their chances of delivery as it records it’s first In vitro Fertilisation (IVF) baby girl.

In a chat journalists in Lagos, Dr. Orebamjo  who  is the Medical Director/CEO of Lifeshore Fertility Centre, a subsidiary of Parklande Specialist Hospital, Surulere, Lagos, warned couples who are facing challenges of infertility to stop patronising those who will take advantage of them like herbalists and native doctors.

He explained that there are different forms of IVF, but insisted that one cannot know what suits a couple until a fertility expert is consulted, adding: “When you see fertility expert, he will now decide the right treatment to be given, the ultimate is IVF. But, sometimes it could be simple treatment that is required and if that is not successful, you then go on with IVF.

Visibly elated that his clinic which began IVF treatment barely a year now has recorded its first success, he said: “ This couple have been trying for about five years or so and they came to us and then we gave them our services and God bless them through the work of our hands and today she has a lovely baby girl and that’s our first baby.I feel very happy and  thank God for the success recorded.”
Dr. Orebamjo said that investigations were carried out on the couple and nothing was wrong with both of them, even as treatment was done on the woman and then she got pregnant.

He further observed: “Even though the fertility of woman may reduce as her age is advancing, there are still techniques that can be used for them. For instance egg donation programme which sometimes if the age of a woman is advanced we use the egg donation programme which is not more than age of 34, probably who has had a baby before and we know that she is fertile.”

“A woman in her 40s or 50s can still come for treatments. She can still get assistance in form of IVF. Most of the time, usually from 45 and above, such a woman will probably need egg donation programme.”

He encouraged couples to seek help on time adding that the problem with that is the people that you meet may not have enough knowledge to be able to treat you. They may also not have enough knowledge to also give you the options that are available for you for treatment.

He listed other complications that could also be associated with infertility such as  endometriosis which is quite common and is associated with infertility. “Sometimes, it is very difficult to diagnose except the individual go to proper centres or a speciality scan, adding that diagnosis is usually by telescope to take a look to find this endometriosis,” he said.

Orebamjo also said a lot of times one can still get pregnant with cyst in place, but if you have huge cyst in place, then obviously it occupies a place that pregnancy will occupy, and therefore you will not be able to get pregnant with the cyst in place. “ What matters the most is that if you have any gynaecological problem then go to a gynaecologist.”

He said: “Sometimes it is difficult to be able to know who is a gynaecologist is because I have ask my patients sometimes whether they know how to know a gynaecologist, they say it is when a doctor conducts delivery  or they see pregnant women or expectant ones with a doctor. They rely on other people to be able to tell them and once that information is wrong from the source it just continues like that.

Orebamjo, however added that ultimately all children come from God, but through the services of men he could bless anybody.

 Tina Igbokwe, Fertility Clinic Coordinator (left); the mother  of the first In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) baby girl;  Dr. Orebamjo (second right), and  Angela Ezeonu, a Fertility nurse.


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