Ogun Inaugurates Committee On Strategic Health Deveploment

The Ogun State Government has inaugurated a 38-man committee on State Strategic Health Development Plan (SSHDP), in conjunction with Pathfinder International in order to reduce maternal, child mortality rate in the State.
Inaugurating the committee at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Abeokuta, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye, the State Commissioner for Health charged them to think out of the box in discharging their responsibilities.
Ipaye said the committee had a five-year period to develop a plan for the State towards meeting the expectation of the Federal Ministry of Health in having bottom-top approach to the National Strategic Plan on Health.
The Commissioner charged the committee to deliver the best, saying; “whatever development adopted in the State will be sent to the Federal Government as part of National Health Plan.”
“We are modifying the expectation of Federal government plan in such a way that it will have positive impact on our people, not only to fulfil federal government template, but to build on our three-tier programmes of primary, secondary and tertiary health services,” Ipaye said.
He further stressed that it was imperative to manage health care of the people, especially at the local communities and to reflect the approach of financing health, particularly the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme (CBHIS), “Araya” which permits indigent people of the State to key into the scheme.
Ipaye added that the committee would also provide a template for the State in fortifying the over 477 Primary Health Care Centres with necessary equipment, manpower and international aids that would enable them provide efficient health care services to people in the rural communities.
The Health Commissioner said that every Federal constituency of the State would have effective healthcare centres in order to provide comprehensive services to the people.
He noted that the programme would focus more on the treatment of Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Maternal care, Immunization and others through partnerships between the State Government and International bodies for best results.
Dr. Nofiu Aigoro, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, urged the committee to fast-track implementation of health care services delivery for the benefit of the masses, noting that he had confidence in the committee to deliver useful work plan.
Dr. Farouk Jega, the Pathfinder International Country Representative admonished the committee to deliver their services as and when due with utmost commitment.
According to him, their outcome would be a template for the federal government in planning and designing health care services for the people.


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