Exercise Has Made Flaps Around My Waistline Disappear – Richard

By Chioma Umeha

Mrs. Bernice Richard, Chief Executive Officer, Skin Glamour, narrates how exercises have helped her gain more vigour in this interview. Excerpts:
How often do you exercise in a week?
I exercise at least three times a week.
How long have you been engaging in exercises?
I commenced regular fitness exercise since six years ago.
What were your initial complains before you started exercising?
I had flaps around my waist¬line, difficulty to withstand anything strenuous and could neither walk nor run a long dis¬tance. In fact, I had no vigour.
Can you say there are positive changes?
Yes, there are a lot of pos¬itive changes since I started exercising. For instance, I feel a lot better psychologically and physically. My self-confidence has also increased. Before now, I had flaps around my waist¬lines, difficulty to withstand anything strenuous and could neither walk nor run long dis¬tance, but this has resolved. In fact, I had no vigor, then. However, the reverse is the case now.
Can you specifically outline the changes?
My muscles are more toned and now I have more strength. I experience faster metabolism and I now look a lot younger.
What was your body weight be¬fore now?
I was 97kg, but now weigh 64kg.
What can you do now which you could not do before?
I have increased vitality unlike before. I can now with¬stand even strenuous activities as well as walk or run long dis¬tance.
Has regular exercise reduced your visits to the hospital?
Yes, it has.


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