I Was Overweight, Now I Am Fit, Sexier – Kristyna

By Chioma Umeha
Miss Okpara Uchechi Kristyna, a fashion designer from Imo state, recently told Independent that she used to be overweight, often sick, lazy and unfit, but she is now healthier, fit, and sexier following regular visits to the gym. Excerpts:
Do you exercise regularly?
Yes I do. I have been con¬sistent since registering in a gym barely three months ago. In fact, I visit the gym for fit¬ness exercise daily.
What were your initial complains before you started exercising?
I complained of unhealthy weight. I was prone to diseas¬es and was not fit to do many things.
Can you say there are positive changes?
Yes, obviously. For instance, physical exercise has helped to control my weight.
What other changes have you expe¬riences?
Physical exercise has also helped to reduce my risk to dis¬eases. It has strengthened my bones and muscles and even improved my mental health and mood.
What was your body weight before now?
I was 85kg, but now weigh 70kg.
What can you do now which you could not do before?
I feel healthy, light and fit now. Prior to my regular visit to the gym, I was often sick, lazy, heavy and unfit. A gym session or brisk 30-minute walk can be quite help¬ful. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals leaving me feeling happier and more re¬laxed.
I also feel better about my appearance and myself when I exercise regularly. It also boosts my confidence and improves my self-esteem.
Has regular exercise reduced your visits to the hospital?
Yes of course, I do not get sick anymore.
Can you say that exercise has made you to make you to stop us¬ing some drugs?
Yes, obviously. I look sexier than before, I am so in love with my present shape, all thanks to darling exercise.