Kantar Nigeria Unite With HMO, Others To Fight Malaria

By Chioma Umeha
In line with the global vision of the World Health Organisation (WHO) of curbing malaria deaths, Kantar Nigeria teamed up with Non-Such HMO and other allied companies to provide free tests, treatment, Long Lasting Insecticide Treated nets (LLITN), among others to over 1,000 Nigerians.
The two-day event which was held to World Malaria Day (WMD) in Lagos began with an awareness exercise on the first day targeted to sensitise the public about the event and its importance.
Speaking at the occasion was Aggrey Maposa, Managing Director, Kantar Nigeria, who explained that the goal was to create awareness about the benefits of the programme to members of the community.
According to him, the awareness programme also served as a forum to provide lectures on malaria prevention and control; free malaria test and drugs as well as distribution of treated mosquito nets.
During the event, there was a huge turnout of staff drawn from all Kantar Brands in Nigeria as volunteer who catered for more than 1000 individuals.
Maposa also said that this number included 300 pregnant women, 200 Nursing mothers, and 200 children under the age of five.
The Managing Director further said that Kantar and its partners distributed more than 500 LLITN to participants in this year’s event.
WHO’s Global Technical Strategy for Malaria, 2016-2030 aims at reducing malaria case incidence and malaria mortality rates by at least 90 per cent on or before 2030 and Kantar Nigeria has clearly indicated that it is a brand fully dedicated to supporting the WHO’s drive to prevent, control and eradicate malaria in Nigeria.
Some of the volunteers on the day included Aggrey Maposa, Managing Director, Kantar Nigeria; Mariam Fagbemi, Director Kantar Public Nigeria; Eddington Danda, Executive Director, Kantar TNS Nigeria; Dr. Gerald Ezeani, MBBS (Nig), Head of Clinical Services Non- Such Medicare Ltd among others.
Achieving a malaria-free society has been at the core of Kantar Nigeria’s corporate social responsibility agenda.
In 2017, all Kantar brands, in partnership with Rotary International and Non-Such HMO, impacted the lives of Nigerians through an awareness campaign on malaria prevention, eradication and health education, while distributing LLITN and malaria treatment.


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