Academy Of Pharmacy Advocates Safe, Affordable Medicines

Chioma Umeha

The Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy has  called for better, safer, more convenient and affordable medicines as well as treatment regimens for diseases that afflict humans, especially those that are endemic to African region.
Making the call during the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy annual Investiture ceremony in Lagos was  Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, President, Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy, who stressed that the academy is committed to cheap innovative and effective medicines and treatment.
Prince Adelusi-Adeluyi said, “The Academy of Pharmacy owes society a duty to help unravel better, safer, more convenient and more affordable medicines and treatment regimens for diseases that afflict mankind, especially those that are endemic to our region of the world.”
A major high point of occasion was the presentation of a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ to Chief Oludolapo Ibukun Akinkugbe for his huge contribution to the growth of pharmaceutical sector in Nigeria while General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma received an Honorary Fellowship of the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy.
Commenting, Prince Adelusi-Adeluyi told DAILY INDEPENDENT, “The bestowal of the award on Chief Oludolapo Ibukun Akinkugbe is a token of our appreciation of his enormous strides not only in the Pharmacy profession but indeed in all other aspects of human endeavor.
“As he turns 90 in December, it is only fitting and proper that his number one constituency, Pharmacy, kicks off the celebration of an illustrious role model whose legacy of love, sacrifice and service would be forever etched in our hearts and minds.”
“It is in the same vein that we induct General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma’s investiture as only the second ever Honorary Fellow of the Academy. He remains one of the most passionate supporters of the Pharmacy profession and a most generous benefactor of scientific research,” he added.
The climax of this year’s ceremony was the announcement of the Academy’s Research and Innovation Center which is named after Chief Oludolapo Akinkugbe.
According to the academy’s President, the centre was created to give enduring impact to research and development in Nigeria’s Pharmaceutical space.
He said, “It is for this reason that research is central to our operations, one of the major reasons, indeed, that the Academy came to being.We want to complement local and international efforts that support scientific research and research activities.

“Much of the work we have done in this regard has been in the area of advocacy, in engaging government and policy makers on the essence of scientific research and why it is critical to provide better funding and other moral support to scientific research focused institutions as well as individual researchers.”
Professor Ernest Benson Izevbigie, a distinguished scientist and former Vice Chancellor, Benson Idahosa University, in his keynote lecture at the event titled, From Plant to Patient: Driving Research and Innovation for Industry called for the translation of research findings into societal values.
Prof. Izevbigie whose ground-breaking work on the use of bitter leaf, Vernonia Amygdalina in cancer and diabetes management has commanded critical acclaim globally provided critical research insights into how he has used bitter leaf in the management of breast cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer with results better than western drugs.
General Danjuma who is also the Chairman of May and Baker Nigeria Plc, donated N10 million to the Olu Akinkugbe Research and Innovation Centre to support the advancement of research and development in the country.
The Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy is a specialised academy that among others, seeks to promote scientific research and professional development, especially in the health, pharmaceutical and related sectors.
The goal is to help Nigerians overcome challenges posed by pain and disease as well as fast-track social and economic development in country and beyond.
The event had eminent personalities that included, Senator Daisy Danjuma, Dr. Obi Peter Adigwe, the newly appointed Director General,  National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD),  Chief Oba Otudeko, former chairman of First Bank Plc, Pharm. Jimi Agbaje, Managing Director, JayKay Pharmacy among others.


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