‘Overcoming Vaginal Dryness During Intercourse’

Mr. Peter Inekwe is a Chemist and Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer of Greenmeans Healthcare Nigeria Limited. In this interview with CHIOMA UMEHA he talks about how his company had been assisting married couples with vaginal problems to maintain healthy sex life through their innovation. Excerpts:

For some women sexual intercourse with their spouses is always a painful experience due to the dryness of their vaginas or their inability to secrete the necessary fluids for smooth penetration. What is responsible for such a situation?
Lack of secretion of vaginal fluid during intercourse is termed “dryness” and may be caused by several factors.  First, it may occur because of changes in hormones. Estrogen is a hormone vital for vaginal health. Studies have shown that when there is reduction of estrogen in its production in the body, a woman may likely experience dryness. Some of the causes of low estrogen level in the body are menopause after childbirth or during breast feeding, chemotherapy and radiation.
Medication is another factor. Medication containing antihistamines as well as asthma medication can also cause reduced vaginal lubrication. Again, insufficient arousal to stimulate “wetness” in a woman can cause dryness of the vagina. A woman needs to be aroused through foreplay, conducive environment and the right frame of mind. When all these are lacking during intercourse, a woman may experience dryness. Poor performance or early ejaculation by the spouse may also put a partner off resulting in vaginal dryness.
Anxiety can also cause dryness in a woman’s vagina during intercourse.  Psychological and emotional factors like stress can create anxiety, which interferes with sexual desire and leads to vaginal dryness when normal vaginal lubrication does not occur. When a woman is anxious, there would be insufficient blood flow resulting in dryness.
Is there any medical solution to the problem of vaginal dryness during intercourse?
Yes, there is what we call Moist Personal Lubricant. It is manufactured by Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, an American based pharmaceutical company in New London, Connecticut USA. As with all personal lubricants, it is used to reduce friction or aid penetration during intercourse. It is water based non-staining, greaseless and non-irritating lube. It is alcohol and fragrance free, and friendly to condoms. It can also be used in certain medical procedures such as insertion of rectal thermometer and speculum, introduction of catheter etc.  Moist Personal Lubricant contains ingredients such as cellulose gum, citric acid, methylparaben, natural glycerine, propylparaben (purified) water.
How long does the use of Moist lubricant last during an intercourse?
This can vary depending on the condition of the environment in which it is being used. A warm and open place can cause quick evaporation and drying out. In a cool and conducive environment, it can last up to 15-20 minutes before drying out.

Which group of people do you recommend the lubricant?
Moist personal lubricant is for married couples who sometimes find penetration a little difficult as a result of non-secretion of vaginal fluids during intercourse and also for certain medical procedures, for example, thermometer insertion.
How does its use help in creating bond among spouses?
Staying intimate and romantically connected is one of the surest ways for a happy and lasting marriage. Having a healthy sex life with your spouse improves the depth of love and connection between partners – bonding.  Moist Personal Lubricant eliminates dryness thereby enhancing a deep feeling of satisfaction for both partners which results in deep affection for one another. The Bible acknowledges the importance of healthy sex in marriage. That is why it admonishes us not to deny one another. Instead of a woman to deny her husband because of pains associated with dryness causing rift in her marriage, she is advised to use Moist to eliminate the dryness and enhance her bond to her husband. Sexual Act itself is bonding in nature.
Apart from creating bonds between spouses, are there other uses of Moist Personal Lubricant?
Yes, Moist Personal Lubricant can also be used for insertion of rectal thermometer, speculum insertion, introduction of catheter, insertion of tampons, and during prostrate and gynecological examinations.
Does the regular use of Moist personal lubricant have any side effect?
Moist Personal Lubricant does not have any adverse side effect. Being water base, it may dry out leaving a residue derived from the other ingredients in its formulation which can easily be washed off.
Does Moist Personal Lubricant have NAFDAC certification?
Moist is a product duly certified by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).
How long has the product been in the market?
The product was registered to be introduced into the Nigerian market since August 2016, that is, two years and 10 months. However, prior to its registration, it was being sold sparingly in the market since 2013.


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