Pharmaplus Partners Brookes Pharma, Launches Pyodine Wound Care Product


Pharmaplus Nigeria Limited and Brookes Pharma (PVT) Limited has launched a wound care product ranges of Pyodine Solution 10 per cent, Pyodine Scrub 7.5 per cent, Pyodine Mouthwash one per cent, and Pyodine Gel.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos Sheraton Hotel, on Tuesday, Ahmed Ibrahim Yakasai, immediate past President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) who is also founder and Chairman of Pharmaplus Nigeria Limited said the products were a long-awaited wound care management intervention in the country.

Yakasai who is also the Hon Consul General of Pakistan to Nigeria noted that infection is one of the most frequent complications of wound healing despite the use of antibiotics and modern sterile techniques.

He said, “It accounts for considerable patient morbidity, discomfort and prolonged hospitalisation and must be avoided to permit proper healing. A myriad of families had lost their loved ones due to wound complications and nosocomial infection.”

The World Health Organisation(WHO) estimates show that in developed countries as many as one in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care. Of every hundred 100 hospitalised patients at any given time, seven in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire health care-associated infections.

Hundreds of millions of patients are affected by this worldwide each year.

“Therefore, our high quality Pyodine product ranges containing Povidone-Iodine which was adopted as the gold standard for antiseptic by World Health Organization since 1992 will be a great addition to the wound care management as well as prevention and treatment of skin infection and oral hygiene in the country,” the veteran pharmacists said.

According to him; “These products were manufactured from Brookes Pharma, World Class manufacturing plant under Current Good Manufacturing Practice using the world premium source of API from Ashland, USA. I believe with all fibre of my being these high quality products will add value to the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria.

“It will help the patients to reduce the morbidity associated with wound and infection, heal faster and experience better quality of life. It will help the healthcare practitioners to get desired results quicker in their practices.”

He also said; “It will reduce prolonged hospitalisation because of its effectiveness thereby allowing ordinary Nigerians to have more access to our already overstretched health facilities. In short, everyone who is involved in the healthcare delivery chain wins with the introduction of Pyodine product ranges in the country.

“For 63 years, Povidone-Iodine has been trusted as the universally known antiseptic for the prevention and treatment of skin infections as well as in the treatment of wounds across the world.”

He further said that the two companies would be launching the same products in Kano on Thursday.

Responding, the High Commissioner of Pakistan, Major Gen. Waqar Ahmad Kingravi, said, “Pakistan has a very dynamic and vibrant health industry which includes more than 700 licensed manufacturers of pharmaceutical sector.

“The strict regulatory regime, compliance of international obligations, collaboration with international research based pharmaceutical organizations innovation and R&D are the hallmarks of the industry. This sector has infrastructure, dynamism, quality, human resource and experience to provide quality medicines at globally competitive rates.

“This knowledge and skill based industry is not only catering to the ever growing national demand but also exporting products to more than 60 countries including high end markets of Europe and USA. Now the industry is keen to expand its reach to the African continent.”

According to Major Gen. Kingravi; “The industry is exploring avenues to build business contacts with the importers, distributors, marketing companies and manufacturers of the Nigerian pharmaceutical sector for trade, joint ventures, sharing in technology, innovation, product improvement, R&D etc.

“We hope this initiative of M/s Brookes and Pharmplus will build durable business relations. Lets pray that this effort ends up in a major breakthrough in bilateral economic relations of both economies in heath sector, he added.”