Nestle Takes Action To Promote Safe Food And Empowers Food Vendors

By Umeha Ucheoma

Photo: Funmi Osineye, Manager, Nestlé Professional Nigeria, educating the participants on the use of MAGGI seasoning.

The quality and cost of these items for consumers are two factors that experts advise food businesses to always take into consideration. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a balanced diet is important for both excellent nutrition and health, and it may also lengthen life. 

A variety of chronic non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, can be prevented by eating a balanced diet, which also strengthens muscles, improves immunity, strengthens bones, and keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy.

Sadly, in a low-income nation like Nigeria, the caterers, food sellers, canteens, and "bukkas" that cater to this market sector do not always receive the support they require to offer wholesome, affordable meals that may guarantee that their clients receive the nutrients needed for optimum health. 

However, Nestlé Nigeria's Out of Home business unit, Nestlé Professional Business, and the Association of Caterers and Food Vendors in Ibadan, Oyo State organized a food education workshop for over 200 canteen and food vendors with the theme, "The Business of Food," to educate the participants and give them advice on how to grow their food businesses .

The workshop which was also designed on how to cook tasty meals was also graced by outstanding cooks who were celebrated and rewarded with relevant tools and Maggi products to cook Nigeria’s favorite dishes.

Addressing the participants, Manager, Nestlé Professional Nigeria, Mrs. Funmi Osineye, explained that the collaboration with the Association of Caterers and Food Vendors provided an opportunity for Nestlé to share her expertise in Nutrition, Health and Wellness developed over 150 years with members of the association.

Photo: Funmi Osineye, Manager, Nestlé Professional Nigeria left, with winners of the cooking competitions displaying their gifts.

The conference, according to Osineye, also provided the organization with the chance to promote the new, inexpensive, and budget-friendly Maggi 100g powder in Chicken and Star Seasoning versions to small-scale food entrepreneurs. 

Nestlé Professional would continue to develop partnerships with caterers and food suppliers to provide the industry with better services, she vowed. 

A Cooking Masterclass marked the beginning of the Business of Food event, during which professionals discussed strategies for handling the complexity of food systems. 

The cooking demo that followed the masterclass saw celebrity chef Shine preparing a vegetable soup mixture using the Maggi Chicken and Star Seasoning powders.

Chef Shine also educated caterers on meal tasting and gave a step-by-step guide on how to cook affordable nutritious meals with a consistent taste for their customers.

Nestlé Professional’s food and product education workshop was packaged to equip food vendors and caterers with the knowledge needed to optimise their food business while using Maggi powders effectively. The event combined knowledge sharing with a lot of fun and engaging activities to make it memorable for the participants.


Photo: Participants with gift items given by Nestlé Professional.



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