Lagos State Man Of The Year Award

.......Fertility Champions Make Case For Dr Ajayi

By Chioma Umeha
In many African societies, children are the most important thing in life, so not to be able to have that can be devastating.
To this effect, childless couples are susceptible to depression, suicidal thoughts, among other problems because of difficulties in conceiving.
To make matters worse, fertility problems are something that the affected people don’t always want to talk about. And so the sense of isolation can be overwhelming.
Thanks to Dr. Abayomi Ajayi, CEO Nordica Fertility Centre with clinics in Lagos, Asaba and Asokoro Abuja, who many Nigerians that have benefitted from his services said have demystified fertility problems in Nigeria.
It is not surprising that he was nominated by the Centre for Policy Development & Political Studies for the ‘Lagos State Man of the Year 2017 Award,’ along with nine other very formidable great achievers.
Dr Ajayi has been a medical doctor for over 33 years, 28 of which has been devoted to reproductive health and the last 15 years to helping families challenged with infertility to achieve their dream through assisted conception.
In line with the requirements of the Centre for Policy Development & Political Studies, the Fertility Expert who is also a Gynaecologist has been in the forefront of research in male infertility and use of Genetics in IVF, so it is not surprising that he emerged as one of the nominees.
The indisputable role of Dr Ajayi in ameliorating the challenges of infertility received endorsement during the ‘Endo March Worldwide’ when he was awarded ‘Endo Hero of the Year.’
Worthy of mention is the Nordica’s participation as technical partners in the FTSF/Alibaba January 1, Concert which recently organised free fertility treatments for indigent Nigerians to name a few.
In a telephone interview with our Reporter, Amos Evborokhai , Fertility Awareness Advocate Initiative (FAAI ) President said: “I don’t know the criteria, if those that are pitching the criteria included excellence in medical field, the Dr. Abayomi Ajayi is qualified for the award.
“He deserves the award from the perspective of the field of medicine by help people who have trying for years without success to achieve pregnancy. I am therefore calling on all those who have benefitted from his expertise to vote for him.”
Also, Frances Onwudinjo, Nordica first baby mum urged Lagos residents to vote for Dr. Ajayi. In a telephone interview, Onwudinjo said; “Dr Ajayi deserves the Lagos State Man of the Year 2017 Award because of his positive impact on couples. He has allowed God to use him to put smiles in the faces of many couples and their families.
“In fact, Dr Abayomi to is God’s sent to so many women and he deserves more than becoming the Lagos State Man of the Year 2017 Award, the country at large. I am calling on people – mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, both the young and old in Lagos state, not just the people he helped to touch their lives to vote for him.”
Similarly, Oghienenors, one of the winners of Fertility Treatment Support Foundation (FTSF), said: “I think Dr Abayomi Ajayi deserves the award, he’s patient, and a professional to the core. He takes his time to encourage couple with challenge of infertility by educating them, hence removing fears and make them understand that they have hope.”
Responding, Dr Ajayi said; “I am deeply humbled by this nomination and consider it a great honour to be among such great achievers and notable captains of industry, renowned for their excellence, innovation and advocacy in their chosen field of endeavour.
He also solicited for support from every Nigerian to enable him to become successful.
“This award event has a nationwide appeal and winning it will inspire and galvanise my effort to touch more lives with the message of hope in fertility.
“How to vote? Just Text, Award Dr Abayomi Ajayi to 0708 585 0077. Kindly cast your vote and tell your friends to also support my nomination by casting their votes on or before Sunday, August 20, 2017 when voting ends,” Dr Ajayi added