‘Young People Lack Access To Reproductive Health Information’


About 60 million Nigerian have been denied access to information on how to learn life skills on reproductive health.
This was the high point of a training tagged: ‘Sensitisation of Journalists,’ which held in Lagos recently.
The one-day programme was organised by the Development Communications Nigeria,(DEVCOMs), in collaboration  with the  Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI) .
The Programme Adviser, NURHI,(Abuja), Mrs. Macbeth Bolaji said that the training was aimed at sensitising  the journalists on life planning on adolescents and the youths. “When we look at the population of Nigeria, one-third of entire population of Nigeria are the young people who lack access to information on how to plan their reproductive health.
“And that has led to ills in the society where teenage pregnancies, abortions and these young girls are eventually forced out of schools.
The information of Life Planning on Adolescents and the Youths should be made available because we have observed that they are increasingly now becoming active in their sexual reproductive health life. So, their access to information should not be denied because they are young.”
Also, speaking, NUHRI’s Programme Officer, (Lagos), Ms. Ajani Bless-Me, said that the society has not done well by hoarding information for young people. It is important for the society to allow the youth to have access to information they can decipher so as to reach their maximum potentials.
She said, “The youths need information to plan their reproductive health, because it has to do with their growing up stages from childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. The society has to make it easier for the youths to have access to information.
“It is important that we as the custodians of right information on sexual and reproductive health, especially the parents, guardians  and the older ones should feel free to discuss issues that have to do with sex with the young ones.”

The Programme Director, DEVCOMs, Mr. Akin Jimoh  considered the topic on Life Planning on Adolescents and the Youths (LPAY),  as very important, “because  life without planning  will be a waste and if you don’t plan, you will find yourself  in a situation  that is not conducive  for living.
“A young person needs to understand that he needs to wait.  Education is a priority and that even when people get married, they need to plan.
“Everyone needs a long term planning in the way that will be comfortable for himself. If you take a decision, you will follow through with it. This is very essential for one to achieve the kind of life he wants to live.”


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