Cabinet: Women Groups Task Buhari On 35% Affirmative Action



A coalition of Women Groups in the country have written to President Muhammadu Buhari remind him of his meeting with female parliamentarians and at the Advocacy Summit of August 30, 2018 where the implementation of 35 percent affirmative action was raised.

The women said President Buhari assured them of his full support because this would ‘improve the representation of women in our politics.’

They told Buhari, “You said women are dedicated and more principled and that you are confident women can make great leaders.”

“You said Nigerian women are resilient and dedicated to their responsibilities. You desired ‘an enabling environment forwomentoparticipateinpolitical process as women constitute more than 50 percent of voters.”

They urged the President to create a worthy legacy by appointing 35 percent women across board, as he begins to put his cabinet together and make appointments across parastatals and agencies.

“We believe that a step in this direction is critical now, given the fact that women representation in governance is as low as 4 percent,” they said.

The women added, “You will be remembered for restoring true democracy to our dear nation and ameliorate lack of women in elective positions while achieving a Sustainable Development Goal for Nigeria. You will restore our faith that a more inclusive society that works for every citizen is possible under your leadership.

“Nigeria women are hopeful of your commitment towards fulfilling the promise for inclusion.”