Child Birth Spacing: Kebbi Advocacy Core Group Celebrates Creation Of Budget Line For Activities

Advocacy Core Group, a Child Birth Spacing Advocacy Working Group, has commended Kebbi state Ministry of Health and Ministry of Budget and Planning for creating a budget line for Child Birth Spacing (CBS) programme in the state.

The body with approval for advocacy on sustainable funding for CBS in the state which started in 2015, supported by Pathfinder International, has finally hit a milestone on actualization of its key demand – the creation of a dedicated budget line for CBS activities.

According to its statement issued on Tuesday 24th September 2019 at a work plan development workshop, also supported by Pathfinder International, the move made by the state government will be a game changer towards improving the state’s Contraceptive Prevalence Rate which currently stands at 3.2% as shown by the Nigeria Demographic Health Survey (NDHS) 2018 report.

“We would like to commend and appreciate the action of the government for taking a step towards increasing access to CBS services in the state by creating a CBS specific budget line.

This will go a long way in contributing to the reduction of the number of women who die because of pregnancy related issues, enable women and families in the state to space their children when they want to and improve the health and well-being of the citizens in the state”

“Our effort as a group has been about improving health indices in the state and contributing to the achievement of the national CBS targets and the Sustainable Development Goals”.

“We would like to celebrate the leadership of the Ministry of Budget and Planning, especially the Director Budget and Planning, who at this work plan development workshop formalized and actualized the creation of the budget line after seeing the contributions it brings to the lives of women and Kebbi citizens in general, And the leadership of Kebbi State Ministry of Health and Primary Health Care Development Agency for all their guidance and coordination in achieving this advocacy goal”.

“We would also like to appreciate Pathfinder International for its Technical and Financial support since constituting the ACG in 2015”.

“Having achieved this first goal for a CBS budget line in the 2020 proposed budget, we will continue advocacy to ensure:

1. Passage and approval of the budget line in the 2020 budget at the Kebbi State House of Assembly.

2. Timely release and judicious utilization of CBS funds from the state’s budget in 2020 for implementation of CBS activities to improve access to information and services to women across the state.”


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