Women In Nightlife Industry Work A Lot Harder Than Their Male Colleagues — Adeeko


Adenike Isi Adeeko, an Abuja socialite and hospitality specialist, states that female entrepreneurs in the nightlife business work three times as hard as their male colleague. Adeeko noted poor societal perception, cultural and religious misrepresentation, and financial limits as some of the challenges they face.

Adeeko told journalists on the sidelines of the inaugural Ibiza party hosted at Tiki Cultures Abuja, "Few women are in the nightlife business because it is demanding emotionally, financially, and there are so many hurdles placed against us."

In a statement made on Thursday, she stated, "Women in the nightlife business must work three times as hard as males to be successful." Adeeko said why she opted to work in the nightlife industry: "First and foremost, I enjoy partying." Second, I saw a few years ago that people in this city aren't used to celebrating themed events, so I decided to fill that hole, and the people love it."

"These parties are highly expensive to design and execute," the Abuja socialite added, urging for more collaboration to help women in the nightlife business overcome problems. Additional cooperation will relieve us (women) of the financial burden of hosting more theme parties."


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