If Best Practices Are Followed, Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Will Have No Side Effect - Dr. Akinbobola

Dr. Oluwaseun Akinbobola, CEO, Beaconhill Smile Group Ltd, receiving the Best Dental Service Provider in the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award  (NHEA) 2022 edition from Mr. Biodun Olofinkinle, Group Head, Human Resources, Beaconhill Smile Group Limited, recently.

In the 2022 edition of the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA), Akinbobola's group of dental clinics won Best Dental Service Provider. According to Akinbobola, "Oral and maxillofacial surgery is safe as long as it is performed within the required parameters." 

A surgical subspecialty of dentistry known as oral and maxillofacial surgery focuses on facial cosmetic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery of the human face, mouth, and jaws. 

Examples include the treatment of oral, head, and neck cancer, the management and extraction of wisdom teeth (trans alveolar extractions), and facial injury and trauma surgery (Le Fort fractures, symphyseal or para symphyseal fractures).

Others include cleft lip and palate repair, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ pain management, jaw cyst enucleation, and frenectomy. 

While difficulties during oral and maxillofacial surgery are possible, according to Akinbobola, they normally heal quickly with no lasting repercussions. 

According to the specialist, complications could occur during surgery, but they are often handled quickly and without any morbidity or death. 

Trans alveolar extractions under general and local anesthesia, cyst enucleations, jaw fracture reductions, and TMJ dislocation reductions have all been successfully completed in our clinic.

“We have also carried out a number of dental implant treatments, advanced bone augmentations, tumor biopsies, and sinus lift surgeries. 

“A significant case of note is a woman who was injured in a car accident and lost all of her front teeth. We were able to repair and immobilize the fracture. Later, implants were used to replace the lost teeth”, he continued. 

Dr. Oluwaseun Akinbobola, CEO, Beaconhill Smile Group Ltd, with some of  dentists at one of the Exclusive Smile Branches recently.

He cited as an illustration the requirement for oral and maxillofacial surgery for anyone with wisdom teeth impaction, oral malignancy, facial or jaw fractures, severe malocclusions, jaw cysts, or severe TMJ problems. 

About three oral and maxillofacial consultants, including a Professor, are on staff at Beaconhill Smile Group to provide the speciality care.

He stated that Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that straightens teeth without using metal wires. It is a system of individually created, transparent trays that cover your teeth and gradually realign your dentition. 

"Because they are transparent and less apparent than conventional metal braces, patients prefer them to regular braces. 

"A lot of individuals want to make their smiles better. But I believe the only choice is traditional metal braces. Your teeth can be attractive and comfortable with Invisalign while you're getting treatment, and it normally goes more quickly than with traditional braces. 

All branches of Exclusive and Beaconhill Smile provide Invisalign services, he continued.