Nigeria FP2030: Pathfinder International Organises Capacity Training For Advocacy Working Groups To Track Implementation



Pathfinder International's Advance Family Planning (AFP) initiative has organized three Advocacy Working Groups, one from Kaduna, one from Lagos, and one from Gombe, to learn more about Nigeria's FP2030 commitments.

This is in order to increase accountability and establish advocacy tactics for tracking and monitoring commitments using the AFP SMART approach. The Family Health Advocates in Nigeria Initiative from Kaduna, the Public Health Sustainable Advocates Initiative from Lagos, and the Saif Advocates Foundation from Gombe are among the Advocacy Working Groups attending the three-day workshop in Abuja, the nation's capital.

The groups are using AFP SMART goals to select commitments that will be implemented in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. At the start of the workshop, each of the advocacy groups described their actions in their various states over the previous year, including changes in Family Planning policies, champions, money, and funders, among other things.

Mallam Yusuf Nuhu, the Programme Officer for Reproductive Health/Family Planning, addressed earlier in his presentation about the importance of Advocacy Working Groups, CSOs, and the Media grasping what Nigeria FP 2030 is all about and their roles.

He stressed that advocacy working groups should take a systematic approach to the FP2030. Pathfinder International's AFP project focuses on increasing financial investment and political commitment to enable access to high-quality family planning through evidence-based advocacy.