NHEA Acts to Stem Medical Capital Flight and Restore Hope in Healthcare


Lagos State

(L -R): Pharm Bisi Bright, Secretary, Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) Advisory Board; Dr. Wale Alabi, NHEA Project Director; Dr. Anthony A. Omolola,  Chairman NHEA Advisory Board; Mrs. Olufunke Oluwole, Secretary, NHEA Jury Board; Dr. Olaokun Soyinka, Member, NHEA Advisory Board; Moses Braimah, Director, NHEA Marketing,  Communication & Strategy at a recent media conference in Lagos.

The Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) has reaffirmed its aim, saying that it was developed to stem medical capital flight and to rebuild hope in Nigeria's health system. 

Briefing journalists about this year's NHEA award ceremony, which is scheduled for Friday, June 24, 2022, 

Dr. Anthony Omolola, Chairman of the NHEA Advisory Board, stated that the award, which recognizes excellence in the health sector, has led to better healthcare.

According to Omolola, the former President of the Association of General Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), the award has instilled value in many healthcare institutions across Nigeria, as each facility strives to be a winner. 

"Every year, Nigeria loses hundreds of health professionals to other nations, as well as a significant amount of money due to medical tourism." This is the program's 8th edition. The NHEA award is here to stay, and we are the first healthcare excellence award in West Africa; we began in Nigeria and have since expanded globally.

"This year's prize is really remarkable and gratifying," said the Chairman of the NHEA Advisory Board. The purpose of the NHEA award is to recognize and reward excellence in the healthcare field. When you do well and people notice, you have a better chance of doing even better. That's exactly what we need in our broken healthcare system. 

"Despite the hurdles, we must ensure that the negative impact of medical tourism in Nigeria is kept to a minimum, and that is our goal." NHEA has emerged as the most important accelerator for Nigeria's healthcare progress." 

The 8th edition of the Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Awards (NHEA) is slated to take place this weekend in Lagos, with over 156 nominees in roughly 31 different prize categories.

Omolala said, "NHEA has 31 categories as the awards now recognise quality contributions to healthcare from Diaspora." 

He added, "We have 31 categories in this year's award. We produced a new category this time. It's called the oncology category, TB. "

The NHEA awards is striving to stem medical tourism to the nearest minimum,  while also attracting some of Nigeria's brain abroad back home. 

"Currently, we have quite a lot of healthcare personnel leaving this country. We want to retain them," adding that "We are encouraging our colleagues in the diaspora that they can come and work in this facility that is of international standard that we can all be proud of. It's a way of telling the world we have some good facilities despite all the challenges in Nigeria. People can still come and visit some of these facilities for healthcare delivery and also in terms of healthcare supplies.

"The award is getting bigger. The awareness is getting greater. It has gone global this time. 

In terms of voting, he stated that "there has been a substantial improvement in terms of voting," adding that "about 60,000 votes are still being counted." 

"NHEA has helped to get out excellent and cheerful news to Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora since when you are practising overseas, the only news you will generally hear is bad news," said Dr. Olaokun Soyinka, a member of the NHEA Advisory Board. 

When we hear and see facilities that are performing well, our healthcare professionals will consider visiting them before considering going abroad, and such facilities will help to ensure job satisfaction and contribute to raising the bar in maintaining standards. If that environment exists, there will be more job satisfaction, and they will be more likely to return.

Dr. Wale Alabi, NHEA Project Director, also spoke, saying that they want to work with NS&Young to look at their methodology in order to improve the award, and that NHEA is more than just an award; it is an accreditation in the healthcare field. 

"We'd like a third party to investigate what we do." They'll be scrutinizing our procedures." 

Royal fathers such as the Alaakin, Governors, Commissioners, and Healthcare Professionals, among other healthcare stakeholders, are anticipated to attend the award ceremony.